My Mabon Altar

I thought I’d give you a peek at my Mabon altar this year. It’s a little more Samhain than usual. […]

A Hoodoo Cut and Clear Spell

Ever had someone who tugs on your heartstrings? Even when this person has proven themselves to be untrustworthy in the […]

Using Tarot for Magic

Tarot cards are considered a divination tool, but did you know that you could use tarot for magic, too? You […]

protection magic

Protection Magic

Why should a witch use protection magic? It’s a good idea to defend your space against unfriendly energies and spirits. […]

calling the god and goddess

Calling the God and the Goddess

Calling the god and the goddess, or whatever combination of deities you venerate is a tricky process. I’ve worked with […]

Green Witch

Are you a Green Witch?

Are you a green witch? This sort of magical practitioner is drawn to the natural world. He or she feels […]

best tarot cards for career

Best Tarot Cards for Careers

We spend a lot of time at work. So, it’s important to enjoy your career, because you’ll be spending more […]