Dollar Store witchcraft

Dollar Store Witchcraft

There are many benefits to practicing witchcraft, but one of the drawbacks is cost. There are a lot of supplies […]

Does he Love me Tarot Spread

Wondering where your relationship is going? Everyone wonders that in the first few weeks or months. One minute you are […]

witchy netflix shows

Witchy Shows & Movies

Looking for some witchy movies on Netflix?  I get it. You want to relax, have a quiet night in and […]

Witchy Apps

Top Five Witchy Apps

Here are my top five witchy apps for the technopagan. A technopagan is simply a wiccan or witch who loves […]

how to use a magic wand

How to Use a Magic Wand

Want to know how to use a magic wand? I’ll give you the low down, along with some wand pointers […]

what is a grimoire

Build your own Grimoire

What is a grimoire?  We will get to that in a moment. So, how many of you watched Charmed? I […]

spell for weight loss

Spell for Weight Loss

So, first I have to break the bad news. There is no spell to magically make you drop pounds while […]