Ever had someone who tugs on your heartstrings? Even when this person has proven themselves to be untrustworthy in the past? Or when your feelings are inconvenient for everyone involved? Like, say, one of you is taken. Yeah, me too. It can be hard to say enough is enough when your emotions are involved. Enter a hoodoo Cut and Clear Spell.

I’ve been researching hoodoo and trying out some of the spell work and I’m just amazed at the results. For those who don’t know, hoodoo is a folk magic practice. And just to be clear, it is a spiritual practice, not  a religion. Hoodoo combines West African, Native American, and European elements.  Most rootworkers, as they are called, are Christian. Most, but not all. In fact, psalms are often used in spells. Hoodoo has some similarities with Appalachian granny magic, another folk magic practice.

What I love about hoodoo is that it’s practical, effective, and straightforward. I favor a simple witchcraft approach. Some would call this lazy witchcraft, but I don’t think it is. It’s just about getting rid of the excess and boiling a spell down to it’s essentials. If you want to learn more about hoodoo, I recommend Old Style Conjure by Starr Casas, Working Conjure my Sen Moise, and The Secret Keys to Conjure by Chas Bogan. I’ve read them all and found useful concepts and ideas in each book.

What is a Cut and Clear Spell?

Basically, this spell was designed to cut the emotional ties you have to someone. This can be used in a romantic relationship that has gone south or anyone else, that you’ve had a falling out with, and need to let go of. It isn’t specific to romantic relationships.

There are several methods for doing this spell, including rituals baths and a spell using black walnuts. Some variations of this spell involve lighting a candle to release an old relationship and another to call new love into your life. I didn’t want to do this. I just wanted to release an attachment.

A friend of mine from grad school just got engaged. We were involved briefly and settled into a friendship, but it always had a romantic/sexual edge to it. When I found out he was getting married, I was surprised how hurt I was. Obviously, I needed to let this go. When I read about a cut and clear spell, I thought that was a perfect solution.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a hex or a binding. You aren’t hurting anyone or doing anything to them for that matter. This is a spell that works on you. It’s just a way of pulling back.

Items you will need

  • A candle (white or black)
  • A plate
  • Cut and Clear oil
  • A petition paper
  • Salt
  • Protection and/or purification herbs
  • Crystals
  • Tarot Cards

cut and clear spell


The Petition

Before beginning, I created a petition. Basically it’s a written request to the universe (or whatever deity you worship), asking to be free of this emotional tie. In traditional hoodoo, you are asking the Christian God to free you.  I chose to ask Aphrodite for her assistance, since I’m working with her this month and she’s a love goddess.

Some basic things to include in a petition: your name, date of birth, and what you want to happen. There are two schools of thought on writing your request. The first is, act as if you already have it. For example, I feel nothing for John Doe. The other sounds like asking for a favor. Please free me from this emotional attachment to John Doe. Personally, I use the first approach because it’s what I’m used to. But you should decide what feels comfortable for you.

In hoodoo, you use brown paper which has been torn (no machine cut edges). I used a lunch bag, that I tore the edges off.  When I was finished writing, I anointed the petition with the Cut an Clear Oil. Then I folded it up (away from me, since I’m releasing something), I tucked the petition underneath the candle. You can’t see it, because it’s covered in salt in herbs in the pictures.

Petition Resources

So, writing a petition is an important, lengthy process. I will eventually write a post on this. For now, I’ve assembled some YouTube resources for you, in case you are a visual learner. If you would prefer a blog post, where you can read the information instead, I recommend Carolina Conjures post on writing petitions.

How to Write a Successful Petition 

How to Write a Petition Paper 

How to Make a Petition Paper 

How to Create a Petition Paper  

Timing of the Spell

I did my spell on a Saturday because it’s ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the god of endings and I wanted to end this romantic attraction. I also calculated the Saturn planetary hours.  This gave my spell a bit of a boost, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

Spell Ingredients I used

So, I went with a purification and protection theme. I chose a white 7 Day candle that you can get at any dollar store.  You could also use chime candles and burn one every day. Or get a larger free-standing candle that you can attach to the plate by melting the wax.

Salt is very important in this spell, because you are building barriers, which makes sense. It’s used in protection magic. For example, I use salt in my window sills as a barrier from spirits and bad energy. You can also use it to cast a circle.

I added three layers of salt around the candle:  epsom salt, pink Himalayan sea salt (for healing), and regular table salt. Next, I added whole black peppercorns for protection.

I also utilized two tarot cards. They are also buried beneath the salt. I chose the Queen of Swords because she can just cut someone out of her life. I added in the Four of Cups because he is bored and disinterested, because I don’t want to hate my friend, I just want be more casual and indifferent towards him. Tarot cards are powerful symbols to add to a spell. Pro Tip: the salt will sweat so protect your cards by wrapping them in something like wax paper. Or lay them near the candle or underneath the plate.

Next, I added some rosemary to the plate, because it also has protective properties. Lastly, I added some black tourmaline chips, along with a larger sphere of tourmaline. This was another layer of protection.


Cut and Clear Spell

Before you begin, cleanse your space. I used a little palo santo. And I also lit some white sage incense so that my environment was clean and ready to go. I ran all my spell ingredients through this smoke to consecrate them.

Cut and Clear oil has a light lemon scent,  because lemon has purification properties. Some people use lemon peel in this spell. Since I didn’t have any, I added lemon verbana, which has the same magical correspondences.

If you are looking for witchy supplies, Etsy is an excellent place to get them at a reasonable price. I’ve found a couple of good apothecaries and crystal suppliers. I ordered the crystal chips and the herbs from Etsy.

I shook the oil up and added it to my hands. Then I anointed everything: the petition, the plate, the candle, and the spell ingredients as I handled them. Make sure to do this in a counterclockwise motion, because you are getting rid of something.

As you are doing this spell, think about cutting the bonds with this person. When you add each item to the plate, “tell” it what to do. For example, “I add this pink sea salt to heal my emotional wounds and protect me from further harm.” This activates the spell ingredient.

After I assembled everything, I asked Aphrodite to bless this working. I lit Aphrodite’s candle on my altar and placed my hands around the candle in pyramid shape, while I concentrated on my intention. I also used a pair of scissors, and snipped them as though cutting ties. Essentially, this is like cutting etheric cords.

Setting the Lights

And then I lit the candle every day, using Saturn hours whenever possible until it burned out.  This is called setting lights in hoodoo. I would anoint the candle, light it up, and then focus on my intention once more. I also wore the oil as a perfume.

If you are curious, you can watch a Cut and Clear spell on the Hoodoo Delish channel.

Cut and Clear Results and Observations

  • While I was doing this spell, I had to start over several times because I messed up the petition paper. This almost never happens to me with spellwork. I’m usually super focused.  I’m not sure if it was my subconscious mind or what? Maybe there was some resistance. Anyway, I centered and grounded myself. And then I got it right the third time.
  • I did this spell after a period of no contact with the person in question, so I had already distanced myself emotionally and physically. I’m not sure how this spell would work if you did it right after a breakup. In a way, I’d already laid some groundwork. I just used the excuse that I was “super busy.”
  • After a couple of days, I noticed that my thoughts didn’t drift to him as much. And when they did, a negative memory or thought about him would pop into my head. Almost like my thoughts were being reprogrammed. It’s a bit like cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Whenever I did think about him, I didn’t get the pang. You know, that stinging ache sensation?
  • I could feel a big difference when I placed the oil on my heart and crown chakras. So, I used this oil everyday, anointing those two chakras. It has a pleasant citrus scent so I didn’t mind.
  • By the third day, I could go hours without thinking of him.

Cut and Clear Spell Results

So, my cut and clear spell worked. Maybe a little too well. I think of him less often. And I don’t have the desire to speak with him. When he does pop into my head, the thoughts are negative. I’ve noticed a lot of things I don’t particularly like about him. To the point, where I’m not sure I want to be friends with this person.

This was a difficult spell for me. I was trying to thread the needle here. I didn’t want to be completely indifferent to him because he’s my friend. I just wanted to lose the romantic overtones. I think if you were just trying to get rid of somebody this spell might be a bit easier.  For one thing, your intentions would be cleaner and clearer.

I also realized that I have some residual anger that I need to let go of. This spell brought some things to light that I wasn’t completely aware of in out interactions. I’m planning on doing a release spell on the full moon, to let that junk go. Having a conversation with him about it, would be a waste of my time.

All in all, I would say the spell was successful. I don’t have romantic thoughts. After the full moon ritual, I’m going to take another look at the situation. And then I will decide if I want him in my life anymore.  I’m leaning towards giving him the boot.


So, I did my full moon ritual with the candle from the Witches Roots box. I swear, that was a little gift from Artemis. I rolled it in the herbs listed above and anointed it with cut and clear oil. And I focused on getting rid of energy and attachments that weren’t serving me. I was deliberately vague. I basically wanted the Universe to decide.

That was Friday night. And by Sunday night, my relationship with him was completely over.

I know, right?

Neither one of us wanted to be friends anymore. It happened at the conclusion of an awkward conversation we had. He was angry. I was indifferent. Afterwards, I laughed. Laughed. I felt released. I made the right decision for me and I don’t regret it. He was standing in the way of my progress. And this relationship wasn’t in my highest good.

The full moon is very powerful. So, if you can start or finish this spell using this little boost, I highly recommend it. Because….wow. That was an amazing turnaround. Even for me. Blessed be!

Have you ever done a cut and clear spell? Or is there someone you want to cut ties with?  Tell me in the comments below.