About Me

Blessed Be! My name’s Cynthia. Welcome! I’m a practicing witch and tarot card fanatic.

My personal deity is Diana, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt.  My name, Cynthia, literally means “moon” and it’s Greek in origin. Mount Cynthus is the birthplace of Artemis, the Greek version of Diana. I have two fur babies (cats), Moon and Magic.  They are spoiled rotten.

I have a degree in counseling and I’m a firm believer in the power of mindset.  I believe it’s important to listen to our own intuition, the little voice inside which is whispering to us all the time.Loving yourself and caring for your body, mind, and spirit is important.

I hope you find some useful information here in your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  I look forward to learning more about you.

Until we merry meet again…