Ace of Cups

Are you looking for a fresh start? The Ace of Cups is all about intuition, a new awakening, and embracing your emotions. Scroll down for more about the Ace of Cups as feelings in a love reading.


Like all aces, there is a big hand in the sky, reaching out of a cloud. It’s holding a cup, with a dove. Water is pouring from the cup and landing in the body of water below, disturbing the lily pads.

Ace of Cups: Yes or No

The Ace of Cups is a “yes!” Especially if you are emotionally involved in the relationship, project, job, etc. Good luck!

Ace of Cups: Meaning

This card could indicate a breakthrough, getting in touch with your emotions. If you’ve been through a traumatic event, you might’ve had a catharsis, and are ready to move forward. If you are starting a project or a business or even a side gig, you are feeling as though you are brimming with excitement, anticipation. This isn’t just about making money, it fulfills a need in you.


Ace of Cups Love
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The Ace is also associated with intuition. Have you been listening to your inner voice? Paying attention to your conscience? Let it be your guide. There are new opportunities within your grasp right now. Decide which one suits you best.

Ace of Cups Reversed

There is an imbalance right now. You might be feeling sensitive and overly emotional at the moment. Or you could be drained and feeling hollow and empty.

Or have you been using emotion to manipulate someone? Pulling on their heartstrings to get your way?

Have you been ignoring your intuition? Pushing forward even though you might be on the wrong path? It’s time to stop and listen to your heart.

Ace of Cups Love

The Ace of Cups could mean you’ve fallen in love with someone and like water is streaming from the cup, your feelings are flowing freely. This could be the beginning of a new romance, or a deepening of a current relationship. You’re really getting to know one another and falling even deeper in love.

The Ace also indicates an intimate gathering, maybe a romantic weekend or even a honeymoon. It’s a chance to embrace your partner fully and share your feelings. You might have been putting off “the relationship talk,” but now is the time to have it.

The Ace of Cups is also about feeling overwhelmed. You might be having trouble navigating all of these emotions. Again, see how the cup is running over? It’s overfilled. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are experiencing light, happy emotions. You might be feeling grief or sadness. Maybe you’ve just lost a loved one or a relationship has ended. Have a look at the cards around this one for a clearer picture. And while this might be painful now, balance will return eventually.

This card also indicates conception or birth, particularly if The Empress is also in the reading.

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