twin flame spell

Have you been searching for your twin flame and haven’t found him or her yet? Then use this super simple twin flame spell to attract your other half. I will be performing this spell on 11/11 at 11:11 am or pm. And I suggest you do the same. Why? Because the number is balanced, reciprocal. And it’s associated with twin flames.

What is a twin flame?

Let’s back up a second and discuss what the heck a twin flame is. This term means different things to different people. Some say this is your soulmate. Others say that this person is your other half and you share the same soul. Other people claim that this person is a “mirror soul” and the two of you match each other in so many ways. Some believe this is a romantic relationship while others believe it can be platonic or romantic.

I will leave this definition up to you.  I think our intentions and our own belief structures influence what we “call” into our lives. Basically, I’m saying whatever type of twin flame you want to attract, is the kind of person who will show up. If you would like to read more about twin flames, I recommend this article.

Twin Flame Spell

So, I’ve come up with a super simple twin flame spell to attract a new love. I’m ready for a fresh start. I wouldn’t do this spell if you are still dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. Only perform this one if you are in the right headspace to give a healthy dose of your time and energy to someone.

I will be performing some very simple candle magic for this spell. So, this is perfect for a beginner witch. Like I mentioned above, this spell should be performed on 11/11 at 11:11 am or pm for the best results. When it comes to magic, the more layers of correspondences (tarot cards, colors, crystals, etc.) you use, the more powerful a spell will be.

Having said that, you don’t have to do what I am doing exactly. Feel free to tweak this one to suit your own needs. When it comes to magic, the most powerful spells are the ones you write yourself. Your energy and intention are incredibly important. Check out this article to learn more about tweaking spells and writing your own.

Items you will need/you can use

These are the items I will be using. Feel free to substitute anything you have on hand. Remember to smoke cleanse, or smudge everything before you start. This will clear any negative energy from the items you are using. If you are new to smudging, check out this article.

  • Two candles. Since I’m a witch on a budget, I will be purchasing these from Dollar Tree. And because this is a love spell, I will be using two red taper candles. Literally, I will be using the twin flames on the candles to draw in my own twin flame.
  • Crystals. I will be using rose quartz for unconditional love, red carnelian for passion, and clear quartz to amplify the magic. You can read this article for more information on basic crystals for witches.
  • Herbs. Since this is a love spell, I will be using red rose petals for love and damiana for passion. I have been slowly building an apothecary for myself by using items in the Witches Roots box, which you can learn more about here. And my favorite Etsy herb seller is Tallgrass Apothecary. You can get 5 herbs for $8, shipped for free. Check it out here.
  • Tarot cards. I am going to be using The Lovers for this spell, but the Two of Cups would also be a great choice. Read this article for more information on using tarot cards in spellwork.
  • Ritual Oils. I will be using my lodestone oil to attract love. If you don’t have a ritual oil, you could use essential oils instead. Personally, I love working with ritual oils because they have already been made with a specific intention in mind, so they already contain magic. This will give you a little magical boost.
  • A petition. I will be writing out what I am seeking from this relationship. When it comes to love spells, it’s best to specify what type of person you are looking for, what traits he or she has, rather than a specific person. Let the universe help you find the perfect match for you, so you get the best possible result.

I will write out my petition and then dress my candles by rubbing them down with the ritual oil and then rolling them in the herbs. I will place both of the candles in the holders, surrounded by the tarot cards and crystals, with the petition tucked underneath. Then I will light them both at 11:11 am or pm to start the ritual.

After that, I’ll be focusing my intention on the candles intermittently throughout the day as they burn down together. You can do this for one day, or throughout the week (but light them at the same time, starting at 11:11). I will be keeping the crystals with me, in my pockets or on my person until I get a result from the spell. They will work as a spell booster.

You could also use a necklace as a talisman/spell booster, or another piece of jewelry which you can wear as a booster. Simply lay it out with all of your other materials.

Have you met your twin flame? Or have you done a twin flame spell before? Tell me about it in the comments.