gray witch

So, are you a good witch? Or a bad witch? Or could you be a gray witch?

Before we get to that, let’s determine what exactly a gray witch is. By way of disclaimer, let me say that I’m not a gray witch, but I’ve known some and I’ve asked them a lot of questions about it, as I tried to broaden my understanding.  There are many different ways to practice witchcraft. And, most importantly, there is no right way to  do so. There is only your way, and what feels comfortable and natural to you.

End of disclaimer.

What is Gray Witchcraft?

Gray witchcraft is a magical and ethical code or philosophy. And it reminds me of the alignment system utilized by Dungeons and Dragons characters. I suspect gray witches fall somewhere in the neutral camp.  Gray witchcraft is neither black magic, nor white magic. It’s somewhere in between, a combination of both, depending on the situation. In a sense, he or she is walking the boundary between the light and dark aspects of the craft, utilizing tools from either side of the street.

A gray witch sees the many shades of gray in situations (hence the name!) and believes few things are either white or black.  This is an idea I agree with, because most things are complicated and nuanced. He or she will not shy away from using a hex or a curse, if need be but, from my understanding, he or she has her own code of ethics which guides the practice.

Hexing and cursing others is a huge conundrum in the magical community. Many people believe in the Threefold Law. Others don’t. I will leave it up to you to decide what feels best for your magical practice. As for myself, I believe it’s something I only do in extreme circumstances. I think binding is a better option. Energy is another issue for me. I feel that  I’m robbing myself of that magical power and intention. Instead of “wasting” it on some jerk, I could use it to better my life.  Then again, some people are a**holes and deserve what they get. Overall, there is a teeny, tiny drop of gray in my practice. As I incorporate more shadow work, this might change.

Shadow Work

Gray witches excel at shadow work, because they aren’t afraid to take a look at the darker aspects of themselves. I would even say some of them are shadow workers, instead of lightworkers.  By the way, shadow work isn’t only for gray witches. I think it’s helpful for all of us to take a good hard look at our unconscious and subconscious, maybe even poke it with a stick. You never know what you’re going to find. It will not only make you a better witch, it will make you a stronger, more centered human being.

Protection Magic

Another aspect of gray witchcraft is working protection mojo. Although, not all gray witches believe this and some reject the notion. This type of magic involves creating wards, barriers, bindings. Protective crystals are also utilized. I’ve been known to keep some black tourmaline by my front door for just such a purpose.

Gray Witch Deities

Not everyone practices the religious element of witchcraft. So having a deity is optional. However, this kind of magical practitioner might work with a “darker” deity such as a death goddess like Hel or Kali.

Gray Witch Altar

There might be blood magic, bones, and other items some witches consider “forbidden.” Maybe even items showcasing both the light and the dark, like a yin-yang symbol.


Before beginning this practice, I would try some shadow work to get you started. And I would also highly recommend the Gray Witch’s Grimoire by Amethyst Raine. As a gray witch herself, she can give you a lot more insight.