calling the god and goddess

Calling the god and the goddess, or whatever combination of deities you venerate is a tricky process. I’ve worked with Artemis for years, and our relationship is solid. However, this month I’ve added two more goddesses into the mix, Aphrodite and Athena. It’s been a while since I approached a deity, so I thought I’d write this post about it to give you some ideas.

Artemis is still my matron goddess, but I wanted to work with Aphrodite and Athena on specific ares of my life. This month, I’m working on self love and Aphrodite is a natural choice. Athena has two aspects. The first is a war goddess and she is also associated with wisdom. Intelligence is the aspect I’m interested in, related to business matters.

Research your Deity

Because I was working from scratch, I needed to make an overture to these deities. The first thing I did was start researching these goddesses and discovering what herbs, crystals, colors, and incense are associated with them. I also looked up their myths and learned a little bit about them. I’m lucky because the Greek goddesses are well documented in literature and legend. Homer is my main resource for these stories.  If you have a deity that is less well-known, this will be more difficult.

Then I started ordering supplies. I used Tallgrass Apothecary on Etsy for the herbs and crystals.  I will be using the herbs in other rituals too. So, it worked out very well. I also ordered some small charms from White Willow Creek on Etsy to symbolize each goddess.

Then, I went to my local Dollar Tree for the candles, plates, glitter, and other decorative items.  I’m a fan of witching on a budget. But I’m also a believer in beautiful witchery, because it  makes me happy. I mean, come on. How gorgeous is this?

Altar Space

I placed three 7 Day candles on my altar space on three pretty plates. The number three is very special to me and I tend to do things in threes anyway. So, this felt auspicious. Once I had my candles ready, I decorated them for each deity.

Around Aphrodite’s plate, I placed rose petals, red glitter, a red carnelian, and a white feather charm symbolizing a dove. For Athena, I have owl charms, hematite, gold glitter, and olive leaves. And on Artemis’ plate, I placed moon charms, selenite, silver glitter, and mugwort.

There are some similar items on each plate. I used lavender on each one because I was called to while I was decorating. Something told me that it would make a more peaceful introduction. I used my Goddess Oracle deck for images of each goddess. If you look closely, you’ll also see a skeleton key on each of the plates.

Opening the Road

So, I’ve been doing some research on hoodoo, and a road opening spell is a powerful way to make connections for yourself. It’s a method of unblocking your energy and creating a path to whatever you want. So, I purchased some road opener oil to anoint the candles with, along with some keys which is an important symbolic part of the spell. I have a few other hoodoo rituals you will be seeing in the next few weeks. I’m kind of on a roll magically.  So far, I’ve been wowed by my results.


Dressing these plates with herbs, charms, and crystals sacred to each goddess was a form of offering.  I light the candles each morning and say a specific prayer to each goddess, starting with my matron.  This is an offering of praise and light.When I do this, I can feel the presence of each goddess. It’s a feeling I get, a ripple of awareness. I’m not someone who sees and hears spirits and deities. However, I am intuitive.

Next, I light incense for the goddesses because the smoke carries up to the aether. For this specific purpose, I place the incense in front of an open window.

Calling the God and Goddess: Takeaways

I’ve extrapolated some takeaways from my process. But follow your intuition if you are called to do something different.

Create a Prayer

There are lot of examples of prayers online you can use, but I encourage you to craft a specific prayer for your deity. Why? Because it comes from your heart. This is a theme when working with the gods and goddesses. As an example, I researched my deities and found their epithets in Homer’s work. Homer calls Artemis, she of the wild, which I love and work into my prayer. Aphrodite is called the lover of smiles. Homer also refers to bright-eyed Athena.

Deity on your altar space

Add your chosen deity to your sacred space. This could be a picture, statue, charms, anything that reminds you of your god or goddess. They just need to be a presence in your sacred space. A candle is the most common way to do this. Light your candle and welcome your deity.


Consider creating offerings for your deity on a regular basis. Some people do elaborate offerings of food, especially for the Orishas. This isn’t my thing. I prefer light, symbols, herbs, flowers, candles, and incense.

It should be something that’s from the heart. You don’t necessarily have to spend money. For example, I could pick up a feather for Artemis, since she is a huntress. I could bring Aphrodite wild flowers I picked. Do you worship a sea goddess? Set a little cup of ocean water on your altar. It doesn’t even have to be a tangible object. Laughter from a joke, singing a song, offering gratitude for the things you have.

Two Way Street

Create a relationship with your deity. I think of it as a friendship. Do you only call your friends when you’d like them to do things for you? Probably not, or you wouldn’t have those close ties for very long. There should be a balance between giving and receiving.

Days of the Week

Did you know the names we use for days of the week come from specific deities? I do rituals with my deities on their  day of the week to give it a boost. Mondays is Artemis. Monday literally means “day of the moon” and she’s a lunar goddess. Wednesday is Athena. This comes from Odin or Woden, who was a war god also associated with intelligence.  Aphrodite is Friday. Friday is named after Frigg, a Norse love goddess.

Hours of the Day

Here is a little astrological tip for you. For an extra kick, use planetary hours in your workings with deities. I use lunar hours for Artemis, Mars hours for Athena, and Venus hours for Aphrodite.


There are many resources on calling the god and goddess. Here are a few of my favorites.

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How do you work with your deities? Tell me in the comments.