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As witches, we want to help others, get our shadow selves under control, and become the best version of ourselves. However, we also live in the real world. And it is expensive. Creating a money altar in your house is a way to attract abundance and resources for yourself, as well as your family.

If you think about it, a money altar isn’t purely selfish. Don’t you plan on using those resources to help others? I thought so. Let’s get started.

Mindset Matters

As you are doing this, don’t focus on what you don’t have, to use a double negative. When we are going through some cash flow issues, we tend to get a little scared. We worry about paying our bills. Why is this an issue? Essentially, it’s about your vibration and what you attract to yourself. Check out my post on the Law of Attraction for more information. By the way, I think of manifesting as a more palatable or less triggering word for “spell.” Although, some people would argue that magic and manifesting are two different things.

Abundance Altar Items

I’m going to take you through some ritual items I’ve used in my altar to give you some ideas. However, you need to ask yourself an important question. What makes me feel abundant?  What I use might not work for you. This is about what resonates for you.

Let me give you an example, I feel abundant when I drink higher-end coffee. I associate coffee with having more resources. In the past, when I’ve been short on funds, I bought cheap coffee in order to get my grocery bill down. So, for a while, I had coffee beans on my wealth altar.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but adding local currency to your altar is a fantastic way to draw in more of the same. Stir up the abundance energy in your home by making a mad dash around the place and grabbing all the loose change. Check under the couch cushions, in the bottom of your purse. I found a ton in my car. Gather it all up and place it in a jar for your altar.  I “feed” this  money stash and this spell by adding loose change to it that I find on the sidewalk, or when I get change back at the store.

Tarot Cards

My go-to cards are the Ace of Pentacles and the Nine of Pentacles. The Suit of Pentacles is associated with wealth. I use those two tarot cards as a representation of what I’d like to draw into my life. If you want to read about other cards you can use in spells, check out this post.


My chosen herb for wealth is basil. It’s the one I’ve had the most success with, and it happens to be inexpensive and readily available. Win-win. Currently, I’ve also added some echinacea, because it enhances the potency of rituals. Although there are a lot of other herbs you can use.

Crystals for Wealth

I chose pyrite, a tiger’s eye generator, and  a citrine pyramid for my altar. All of those have wealth-drawing properties and shapes. I set them up in a circular crystal grid. Jade, moss agate, and aventurine are also good choices.  However, they aren’t the only possibilities out there. Do some research and find some crystals you “vibe” with. What do I mean by that? When you are out shopping for crystals, pick them up. What kind of energy do you feel? If it feels right to you, and you can afford it, take the crystal home with you. If you don’t have access to a metaphysical shop in your local area, I recommend Etsy. The one near me, doesn’t have a great selection and the prices are steep. If you don’t have any crystals, you can get a basic “crystal kit” of 5 stones/gems of your choice for $6. My favorite crystal dealers on Etsy are ilovelotus, HeartofNatureUtah, OneInfinityShop, and LanrayDktie.

Ritual oils and sprays

I’m seriously into ritual oils right now. I love anointing myself, my tools, and my space with these as a way to enhance my intention. For my altar, I used lodestone oil, because lodestones are magnetic and they attract things like wealth. But you can also use it to attract a new job, or a new lover. I  use Crown of Success because it helps you obtain your goals. You can also use an essential oil like basil to anoint with, but make sure you add a carrier oil if you intend to put it on your skin.

Colors: Green and gold

These colors correspond to money (green for cash, gold for, well, gold), at least in the United States. If your local currency is another color, use that color palette instead. I have gold glitter and green plants on my wealth altar. And I’ve also laid out a white candle sprinkled with green and gold glitter on a green plate.

When should I create a money altar?

The new moon is an excellent time to create an abundance altar in your home because are setting your intention to draw more wealth. Bonus points if you do this on a new moon in an earth sign. Why? Because they are associated with material goods and resources. You can also create one on a Thursday because Jupiter is associated with long-term wealth.

Where should I put my money altar?

That depends on who you ask. If you are following feng shui principles, it should be aligned with your bagua. I follow a Western bagua and mine is located in my home office. If you are using the four directions and elements, you’d want to put your money altar in the southern/fire part of your space, since it is associated with success and passion. I also have added a couple of ritual sprays, Come to Me, which is also based on attraction like the lodestone oil. And Prosperity Showers, which also draws wealth. I spray my space and myself when I work at my money altar.


How do I use a money altar?

Think of this as an ongoing spell in your space. On Thursdays, I light the candle and spend a few minutes focusing on drawing wealth. When I am working on my business and I want to infuse that wealth energy into my current project, I light the candle and focus my intention. At the new moon, you can also renew the purpose of your money altar. I highly recommend doing some new moon manifestation around prosperity work as well.

Do you have a money altar? Tell me about it in the comments.

money altar