My Daily Tarot Routine

daily tarot reading spread

This is my daily tarot reading spread. I use it to check in with myself, my goals, and how I’m feeling. Incorporating tarot into your daily routine is a wonderful personal development tool. It helps me stay on track and push forward.

For this type of reading, I  do a one card reading, but you can do whatever kind of tarot spread works for you. Now, I don’t do all of these every single day. I pick whichever one “feels” right. It’s important to let your intuition be your guide.

Morning Reading

With a cup of coffee in hand, I sit down and pull out the deck. I usually think about what’s on the agenda for the day and what I want to accomplish.

And then I clear my mind, and I stop shuffling the cards when it feels right. Then I take a couple of minutes and consider the meaning of the card, in context of the day ahead.

Mindfulness Reading

If I’m having one of those days, I do a reading in the afternoon.  You know the ones where you wish you’d just stayed in bed? It’s a great way to center myself and get in touch with my emotions.

I keep a cute little pocket tarot in my purse I can pull out when I need a couple minutes to myself to practice mindfulness. These little guys have been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

Then I ask. What do you need right now? How can I make this situation better? What’s behind your stress?

After I’ve done this, I’m calmer and able to think more clearly. Maybe I can’t solve the problem right away, but I can control my reaction to it, which is important.

Evening Reading

At night, I’ll pull out my tarot deck and shuffle the cards, while I think about the day I’ve had. This kind of reading is about reflection. What did I learn today? What am I grateful for? And what did I accomplish?

How do you incorporate tarot into your daily life?

Daily Tarot Routine