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Looking for ways to incorporate some daily witchcraft into your routine? Trying to fit our spiritual practice into our lives daily can be a bit of a challenge. We assume rituals are going to take a long time to plan and carry out. Plus, you need all the supplies. And it becomes a hassle, when it should be centering and grounding.  I’m a fan of lazy witchcraft, so I take it easy. And I have found simple ways of incorporating ritual into my everyday life in a natural way.

But, before we get started, a little psychology. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, my background is in counseling. And I wanted to know how I can make changes “stick” because I need a long-term outcome. I get frustrated with myself if I don’t stick with a routine. The answer to the problem is tiny habits. A Stanford researcher, BJ Fogg, has been working on how we can develop new healthy habits.  Most people fail to make long term changes, while he and his team have had a lot of success. Check out this shortened Ted Talk on it, if you are curious.  As a heads up, you can join his study for five days for free if you sign up here, and craft your own tiny habits. This will give you a little kick-start on forming a your own witchy morning routine.

Daily Witchcraft

Below are a selection of daily witchcraft habits that I pick and choose from every day. I have a loose list of these, because sometimes I get bored with a set routine and I like to change it up. And I also might be pressed for time and I can only do a couple activities. Other days, I have no schedule, so I can do the whole darn list if I want. Any of these can be tweaked to suit your schedule. All of these little habits are no more than five minutes each.

General Tips

Here are some general tips to make this easier for you. Change is always a little awkward and we naturally resist it.

  • Don’t feel like you have to do all the things. Pick one or two to get started.
  • Determine what your intention is for the day. Are you trying to be productive? Do you need to relax? Are you feeling sad and need a boost? Use the habits below to support this intention. And just like that, you’ve crafted a daily ritual for yourself.
  • Set every thing out the night before. If it is right there, you are more likely to do it.
  • If you don’t have time in the morning, try some of these in the evening.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Focus is important for witchcraft. We need to center and ground ourselves. And then focus our power and intention towards a goal. I do these habits to improve my concentration a little bit at a time and therefore, expand my witchy power.

  • Yoga. I have a YouTube list of five minutes or less Yoga routines. I’m particularly fond of Tree Pose because you “root down” to the ground, imagining a connection to Earth (earth magic).  This is my favorite one, which includes Tree Pose and you can do it standing up. It is perfect for beginners. If you can’t get into the twisty eagle pose, search for modifications on YouTube.
  • Coffee Ritual. Coffee is just plain magic, but this is a little mindfulness exercise, too. You can do this with any hot beverage of your choice. I add different ingredients to my coffee like cocoa, honey,coconut oil, and cinnamon. All of these have magical properties. As I stir it clockwise, I envision this coffee bringing me love, protection, prosperity, and productivity, depending on what I have added. And I drink it quietly without distractions. I curl up in the chair, focus on the taste, the heat of the mug, and my own breath.
  • Crystal Meditation. I love me some crystals. Seriously. It’s a problem. If I want to focus on something for the day, I grab an appropriate crystal and meditate with it, thinking about my intention. Let’s say I wanted to work on self love, I’d grab a rose quartz. If I wanted to bring in prosperity, I’d work with a piece of pyrite. If I wanted to clear away any negativity. I’d meditate with some selenite or clear quartz. If I’m feeling vulnerable, smoky quartz and black tourmaline is protective. And, bonus, you can take the crystal with you as a magical boost. I’ve been known to put these in my bra. Don’t judge me.

Magical Scents

Scent is an important part of ritual for me. It is one of our most important senses and can even change our mood. It gets me in “the zone” to do a ritual.

  • Incense. I like to burn a stick of this every single morning.  Again, tie this to your intention for the day. If you are feeling stressed, burn some lavender. If you are feeling vulnerable, try dragonsblood for power. Check out this post, to learn more on how I use incense in spellwork.
  • Ritual Oils and Sprays. Currently, I’m obsessed with these. And I use them on a daily basis. I anoint myself (third eye, wrists) and my tools like my phone or laptop. Road Opener oil is a fantastic way to bring opportunities into your life. Crown of Success is perfect if you have a meeting or a presentation that’s important. A little Third Eye oil can enhance your intuition and make you more aware. I use the Serenity spray from the Witches Roots box as a way to ground myself when life gets chaotic.
  • Candles. I light my matron’s candle every single morning and I speak with her. This is the one tiny habit I don’t skip under any circumstances. It’s a way of connecting with my deity on a daily basis.

Witchy Habits

Okay, so this is sort of a hodge podge of witchy habits.

  • Smudge yourself. I smoke cleanse in the morning and in the evening. And whenever I need to. I keep palo santo available and just run the smoke over me.
  • Divination. You can scry, examine your palm, choose a rune, or use whatever divination method you like. I have my own daily tarot routine. Most of the time, I just pull a card every morning. Sometimes I ask for advice. Or I have a specific question. You can do this with oracle cards as well. Also, if you have bought a new deck of cards, this is an excellent way to get comfortable with it. I’m currently working with the Animal Spirit Oracle.
  • Learn something witchy. I try to read a blog article, listen to a podcast, or watch a YouTube video about witchcraft or tarot every single day. I subscribe to tarot and witchy channels on YouTube. And I use Pocket (a free app) to aggregate RSS feeds to the blogs I follow.
  • Book of Shadows. I add spells, thoughts, ideas, and whatever else comes to mind in my Book of Shadows. If you are working on it daily or weekly, creating one won’t seem so overwhelming.

Other Daily Witchcraft Ideas

Here are some other ideas I’ve had, that I don’t practice, because they aren’t in my wheelhouse.

  • Kitchen Witchery. You could do some witchy meal prepping for yourself, so you have a magical breakfast and/or lunch every single day.
  • Connect with your element. For example, if you are into working with the earth, go for a quick nature walk, or just step outside with your coffee and connect.

How do you practice witchcraft every day? Tell me in the comments. Want some more tips? Check out Twenty Ways to Practice Witchcraft Every Day .


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