Do you fear the reaper? There’s no need to be alarmed. Many people who are new to reading tarot cards worry this means a literal death, but Death signifies change, a shift from one state of being to another.


A skeletal figure dressed as a dark knight sits up on a white horse. This is symbolic of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death rode a white steed.

Death Card Tarot
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Death conquers all. We see a figure who has already succumbed to him lying on the ground. Two more are on their knees begging to be spared. Another, a richly robed church official, is praying for salvation. This card reminds us that resisting death, or change is futile. He always wins.

Death: Meaning

You have achieved closure and will be heading to a new season in your life. This is a time of transformation and rebirth. This is about transition, a metamorphosis.  Don’t fear the unknown, and think of it as an adventure.


In the reversed position, this card can mean you’ve been forcing change in your life, burning bridges behind you and moving forward when it isn’t time. You might be longing to escape from a job or a relationship, but everything happens in due course.

Conversely, you might have trouble letting go of an old flame, a former job, or some remnant of your former existence. It’s time to release the past and move forward.



Your relationship is in a state of flux. Change is coming. Maybe the two of you are moving into another phase and things are getting more serious. Perhaps, you’re letting go of a lover who isn’t quite right for you.

If you’re single, this is about to change. A new love interest is going to come into the picture. Whether this will ultimately be a positive or negative experience is up to the rest of the cards in the spread.


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