Dollar Store witchcraft

There are many benefits to practicing witchcraft, but one of the drawbacks is cost. There are a lot of supplies we use and they aren’t cheap. For example, candles, incense, herbs, and the list goes on and on. It’s enough to make a witch broke. Luckily, your local discount store can help you out with a surprisingly wide range of witchy items. Yes, Dollar Store Witchcraft is a thing.

Cheap Wiccan Supplies

The dollar store can provide you with all kinds of witchy goodies at a fraction of the cost. Dollar General is an awesome option, but I (heart) Dollar Tree. They have amaaaazzzing supplies. You can find spell ingredients, altar decorations, and items for witchy DIYs.  And more!  Take a peek at my Yule and Ostara altars if you want some proof.

Candles and Holders

So, my favorite candles are from Dollar General, not Dollar Tree. They are infused with essential oils. They are $5 rather than a $1 candle, but they are high quality and long lasting. I burn these in my bedroom, my office, and on my altar, too. They have a variety of scents for any kind of spell work.  Don’t forget to check out their candle holders as well.

Dollar Store Witchcraft

Herbs and Spices

Head over to the kitchen area while you are there. They have all kinds of herbs and spices you can use in spells at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the grocery store. I’ve even seen some higher end items there like cinnamon sticks. By the way, they also have these metal, magnetic spice keepers you can place on your fridge or another metal surface. They make finding your ritual herbs easy.


There are a couple kinds of salt for when you are casting a circle, or doing another witchy activity like a ritual bath. They have inexpensive sea salt in the grinder containers and epsom salts too.

Witchy Self Care

Speaking of ritual baths, they also have items you can use to treat yo’ self. They have face masks, bath bombs, foot scrubs, lip balms, lotions, and more. Some of these are even small-sized name-brand items.

Paper Products

The paper product aisle is a treasure trove. Mainly for the Book of Shadows supplies. They have notebooks, journals, scrapbooking stuff, and other helpful items like pens and rulers. If you went to a craft store, you’d be spending a lot more money.

Stones and Shells

These are super cheap and look great on your altar, too. In fact, you can take those stones and turn them into a yes or no oracle. Or you can create your own runes with them. I also like their glass beads. There are a ton of other uses for these things. The sky is the limit!


One of the awesome things about Dollar Tree is their massive collection of flowers in all hues. These look pretty on an altar, or you can even use them in a spell to sub for flowers. It’s representational magic. They also have adorable faux succulents.

Vessels and Jars

If you need containers this is the place, for witch bottles especially. Or if you need a vessel of any sort to hold herbs, spell ingredients, what have you, there are dozens of options. Personally, I’m a fan of their glass bowls. They look expensive, but aren’t.

Holiday Items

There are tons of wiccan holiday decorations you can purchase. Like twinkle lights for Candlemas or Yule. I’m a fan of all their fall harvest decor, which is perfect for Samhain. They have inexpensive signs for the walls, crafty items, and lots of other witchy stuff.


If you’d like to make your own scrying mirror, or buy mirrors to use for spells, this is the place. They have them in all shapes and sizes.

Scented Items

You can find incense, potpourri, candle warmers, and wax melts here as well. Your mileage may vary with these scents, so sniff them before you take them home. Personally, these are hit or miss for me.


This is also a great place to buy incidental items like oil (carrier oils), matches and fire sticks, paint for witchy DIYs, and other utilitarian stuff. Plus, I always come home with other random crap I need like gift bags and cleaning supplies.

Witchy DIYs

Okay, so there are plenty of things you can make with dollar store items. You don’t have to purchase things “as is” and go with it. I’m somewhat crafty, so I’ve tried a few things. There are two YouTube channels I watch for inspo, Do it On a Dime and The Sorry Girls. There are some amazing things you can make with a little elbow grease and a few bucks. One of my favorite crafts is a homemade lantern. Another is a handwoven basket,which would be a great choice to hold witchcraft supplies.

Some Drawbacks to Dollar Store Witchcraft

Not to go glass half empty on you, but it can be hard to find some of these items because the store gets picked over. Lots of people shop there and it’s first come first serve. There are a couple of ways around this. One, ask the manager when they stock new items, so you can be first in line. Another way is ordering online. I’ve done this several times and then picked up my order to save on shipping costs.

Have you ever done some dollar store witchcraft? Tell me in the comments.



Dollar Store Witchcraft