The Empress

The Empress is the epitome of female beauty, fertility, and feminine wiles. She enjoys flirting with and teasing those she finds attractive. She’s a sensual creature who loves and appreciates her own body.  This card is associated with being overtly feminine, with voluptuousness. The Empress is all woman with breasts and hips and curves.

Abundance is another theme. There is also a correlation with luxury and wealth, living the “good life” and the power to do anything you please.

The Empress: Description

The Empress is in a garden, lying on a chaise lounge. At her back, is a comfortable pillow. Next to her, we see a heart emblazoned with the female symbol. Her robes are luscious and ornate.  Peeking out from beneath them, we see a pair of red slippers. She’s wearing a starry crown upon her head and holds a scepter.


This card has a strong association with the act of creation. This could literally mean pregnancy. Perhaps you are pregnant or looking to conceive. Or maybe you are involved in an artistic project like writing a novel and “giving birth” to your ideas. There’s a reason why novelists call their current project a “book baby.”


The Empress


When this card is reversed, perhaps you aren’t taking care of yourself. Have you been putting everyone’s needs in front of your own? It’s helpful to remember you can’t be there for anyone else if you don’t take time for yourself.

This might mean getting enough sleep, eating more fruits or vegetables, or going for an evening walk.

This card also might mean you’ve been overindulging in something. Have you been doing some “retail therapy” and buying yourself nice things you don’t need as a pick-me-up?


When it comes to love, this card is all about romance. Have you ever started dating someone new and you feel good, both inside and out? This card captures the excited energy of a new romance when all your senses are heightened.  Because this card is all about femininity, there is a strong sexual vibe as well.


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