The Fool

Is ignorance is bliss? The Fool is associated with reckless abandon, blundering forward, unafraid of the possible consequences, because there won’t be a negative outcome.


We see The Fool on the edge of the mountain, about to slip over the side.  He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, unconcerned about the imminent danger he’s in.  Over one shoulder, he has a bindle, like a hobo setting off on a journey.  

The Fool: Meaning

This card symbolizes innocence, absolute trust, and the ability to be open-minded and receptive.  In many ways, he has the bravado of a child, trusting his parents will catch him before he falls. And he’s right.

The Fool is telling you to take a chance.  Don’t worry, or be cautious, the universe has your back.


Warning! You need to be careful. You are about to go over that cliff. Perhaps you are ignoring the wise counsel you’ve received and are setting off on a dangerous path, one that leads to ruin. Take a step back and consider the situation again. Consult others and most importantly, listen to their advice.

The Fool
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Alternatively, the card could mean you are behaving like Peter Pan and avoiding your responsibilities, to play hooky. But everyone has to grow up someday.


When it comes to love, there are several interpretations. If the card is referring to you, it could mean you have a big heart. And you are open to the possibility of love.

If this card symbolizes a current partner, let go and trust yourself and your loved one. Rest easy.  You can fully pursue this relationship.  You won’t get hurt in the process.

Finally, if this person indicates a new lover, she or he could be childlike. Note, I didn’t say childish. He might bring a sense of fun to your life, laughter, serendipity. She might teach you to enjoy the simple pleasures and learn to take each day as it comes.


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