Four of Cups

Have you been withdrawing from the world? The Four of Cups is about pulling back and feeling dissatisfied with your life. Want to know about the Four of Cups in a love reading? Scroll down.

Four of Cups: Yes or No

This is a “no.” The four of cups is about inaction, indecision, not wanting what is right in front of our faces.


We see a man sitting cross-legged under a tree with crossed arms and a sour expression. It’s clear he’s not happy. In front of him are three cups. There is a cloud in the bright blue sky, and a disembodied hand offering him a fourth cup.

Four of Cups: Meaning

Everyone needs perspective. Right now, you aren’t seeing the full picture. Sometimes it’s a smart move to pull away from a difficult situation, especially when emotions are running high. Maybe you’re feeling overextended and you’re on overload.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling apathetic about your circumstances. Have things not turned out the way you wanted? Its okay to meditate, contemplate your future, and tune in to your inner voice, but don’t get lost there. You’ll need to reconnect and take action to achieve your goals.

You also might not be appreciating what is right in front of you. Be grateful for what you have, even if you haven’t achieved everything you wanted yet.

Four of Cups Love
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Four of Cups Reversed

Are you feeling burned out? Maybe people have been taken advantage of you, either in your professional or personal life. If you’ve been pushing forward,  the Four of Cups is telling you to retreat. You need a break. Seek out your support group.

This could also mean you’re running away from your problems and ignoring them, instead of dealing with the issues head-on.

Four of Cups Love

The Four of Cups is about not appreciating your good fortune. Check out the figure in the card. He is being offered a cup, but he has his arms folded over his chest, pouting and ignoring the offering.

Have you been looking for an exit? Maybe you’ve emotionally checked out of your relationship. You might not feel empathetic or sympathetic toward your partner. This is a sign of larger problems in your relationship.

Perhaps, the reverse is true and your partner has drifted away from you. Whatever the case, the two of you need to deal with the emotional problems. Living in limbo is only prolonging the problem. It’s best to deal with it head-on, even if its painful in the short-term. Your future self will thank you for dealing with this sooner, rather than later.

If you are single, you might be experiencing unrequited love. Maybe you are doing everything you can to get this person to notice you and none of it is working. He or she doesn’t have a clue you even exist. It is probably time to look for someone else, who actually deserves your time and attention.


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