Four of Swords

Are you reflecting on your current situation? The Four of Swords is about rest and contemplation. You need to recharge and consider the options.


We see a church, judging by the tomb and the stained glass window in the background. There is an effigy of a man praying on a tomb. There are three swords on the wall and one sword on the casket.

The Four of Swords: Yes or No

This card is a “no.” You are feeling the need to withdraw and rest.

Four of Swords: Meaning

You’ve probably just gone through a difficult situation, and you are taking the time to rest and reflect on what has just happened. Stress takes a toll on the mind and body.

Seek outside help. You might want to consult a trusted friend, a counselor, or a pastor. Someone else could have new insights and ideas you can use.

You could be planning something. Keep you plans top secret until they are fully fleshed out and ready to go.

Four of Swords
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You might desperately need a break, but don’t have the opportunity to take one. Be kind to yourself. Don’t sacrifice sleep to get tasks done. This strategy will backfire on you, in the long run. You won’t get anything done if you’re exhausted.

You might be dealing with chaos at the moment. Have you changed jobs? Is there a shake-up at work? Maybe you’ve just moved. Whatever the case, you have a lot of mental clutter to deal with, and this is difficult.


Are you or your partner exhausted? This is creating a strain on your relationship. You don’t have time for each other anymore and need to make your relationship a priority. Maybe you’ve just had a new baby, or one of you started a new job. Regardless, you don’t have time for one another or yourselves. Think of ways you can schedule couple time together, as unromantic as that sounds. If you make it a priority, it’s more likely to happen.

This could also mean you need a break from each other. This might be time to take a long weekend away. Maybe it’s time for a night out with your friends. What can you do to reconnect with your partner? Do you even want to? You need to reassess the situation and consider your options.

Or one of you has pulled back from the relationship. This could mean a separation, or perhaps you or your partner are physically present, but mentally and emotionally you’ve checked out.  Whatever the case, there is a distinct lack of connection. The two of you feel more like roommates than lovers. You might just be staying in this relationship, because you haven’t made a decision yet. Look for the Two of Swords to confirm this.

If you are single, you haven’t made relationships a priority. You are exhausted trying to meet your educational and/or career goals. Look for The Hierophant to confirm this meaning. Or even The Chariot.


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