Four of Wands

Are you ready to celebrate good times? Congrats! The Four of Wands is all about getting your happy ending. This is the party at the end of a long road. Scroll down for the Four of Wands Love interpretation.


A happy couple is dancing together. There is a crowd around them, cheering them on. In the forefront, we see a chuppah. Chuppahs are traditionally used in Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Four of Wands: Yes or No

The Four of Wands is a “yes” when it comes to matters of the heart, family, and home. For everything else, it is a “no.”

Four of Wands Love
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Four of Wands: Meaning

This card is about success and celebrating your hard work. You’ve accomplished something wonderful, so take the time to enjoy it with the ones you love.

You’ve also pro achieved balance in both your professional and personal lives and everything is running smoothly. Enjoy the harmony!


When this card is reversed you might be having trouble at home. Are you unhappy in your marriage? Or you simply going through a rough patch with your partner? You might need to talk it out or even see a counselor. Whatever the case, things aren’t quite right. You need to sort this out, before it gets worse.

Maybe you’ve made progress on your goals, but you haven’t quite gotten “there” yet. Are you taking any joy in your accomplishments? You might not be able to see all that you’ve done, because you aren’t quite where you’d like to be. It might be time to practice gratitude and step back, take a look at where you are, and where you’d like to go.

Four of Wands Love

When this card appears with The Lovers or the Two of Cups, it indicates a commitment. It could mean an engagement or marriage, or a less formal arrangement. The point is, this couple is exclusive and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if this card is by itself in a spread, it signifies a committed relationship.

You might feel as if your partner is your “home.” The two of you are comfortable together. If you haven’t known him or her for a long time, they still might feel as if they’ve been in your life forever. This isn’t a particularly exciting, passionate relationship. The two of you are friends first, and then lovers. But it is a stable partnership with a long term focus. Your partner always has your back, and you feel the same way.

If you are single, perhaps you are longing for this type of life partnership. Are you looking at couples around you and wish you had someone to come home to at the end of a long day? You might be ready to settle down and get serious with someone.  Make sure you are dating people who fit your criteria for a long term mate.  Make sure they are “marriage material” and not just a fun date.


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Four of Wands Love

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