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I love working with lunar energy. This could be because my matron is Artemis, a moon deity, or it could just be the call of magic. There seems to be added power in the air during specific moon cycles.  Whatever the reason, I perform rituals on both the new moon and full moon in my spiritual practice. And I’ve seen fantastic results.

New Moon versus Full Moon

The new moon is when the moon is no longer visible. It’s also called the “dark moon” and it’s an excellent time to set intentions for the month. I keep a journal and I write down my goals for the month in my personal and professional life. I do my new moon rituals in the morning with a cup of coffee and some moonstones and/or selenite by my side. During this time of the month, I feel centered and grounded.

The full moon has a completely different energy. It is a bit more wild. These rituals are done at night by candlelight or firelight. There’s usually wine involved. Although, I still have moonstones with me, along with some selenite.  And I just feel a lot more released, open. The energy also shifts according to what sign the moon is in. If the moon is in a water sign, I know I’m going to cry. If it is in an air sign, I’m going to be in my head most of the day.

Full Moon Ritual Ideas

I have two regular rituals I perform at full moons. And then I perform other types of spells, according to the astrological sign the moon is in, or according to the season or the sabbat.

Release Ritual

The first ritual I do is release work. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of? This is a great time to get rid of it. The moon is in its waning phase. So, you can let go of something or someone and diminish its influence over you or your situation.

A very basic way to do this, is write down who or what you want to release on a piece of paper. And then burn it. Make sure to do this safely, over the kitchen sink or in a cauldron, if you have one. And then release those ashes outside in the wind, let them blow away from you. As you are doing this, say whatever words you are called to speak. This feels very cleansing. It brings peace. You can also do this ritual to let go of emotions that aren’t serving you, like anger or envy.

Gratitude Ritual

This is an excellent time for gratitude towards people, deities, or spirits that you happen to work with. Or even the Universe. I will light a candle, fold my hands, and give my heartfelt thanks for any aid I have received during the month. Some people write this down in a journal as well. I’ve done it both ways. Remember, offering gratitude is a signal to the Universe that you are appreciative and ready to handle more.

Astrology-based Rituals

You can also utilize the zodiac sign the moon is currently in to do a ritual. For example, if the moon is in Taurus, it would be an excellent time to set up a money altar or do an abundance spell. If you wanted to work on building confidence, choose a Leo full moon. Let’s say the full moon is in Pisces, which is a dreamy, mystical sign, this would be the perfect time to do a ritual to open your third eye. The possibilities are endless. This chart will tell you what sign the moon is currently in, and it is incredibly helpful for planning out your new moon and full moon rituals. There is so much magic in the air during a full moon, so take advantage of it, if you want an extra boost of power.

Moonology by Yasmin Boland is one of my favorite reference books for this. It has both full moon ritual ideas and new moon spell ideas for each sign. She’s an astrologer and practicing witch. Her suggestions are incredibly helpful. I’ve taken many of these ideas and tweaked them to suit my own needs.

Sabbat-based Rituals

I also craft rituals for myself based on the specific sabbat. For example, during October’s full moon, I will be doing a shadow work ritual for Samhain. I have a white candle, a black candle, a clear quartz, and a smoky quartz to represent the light and dark aspects of myself. I will be embracing both halves, by writing out my shadow fears/attributes and my good points/light aspects and doing my best to integrate them, owning and accepting both sides.


This is an excellent time to practice divination, whether it’s scrying, or palmistry, a spirit board, or my favorite, tarot readings. I find that my readings always have an added little oomph during the full moon. Oh, and don’t be surprised if The Moon card makes an appearance. It loves to pop up around the full moon, like a cosmic reminder.  Just thank the universe for the reminder, and pull another card.

Magical Miscellany

The full moon is an excellent time to make moon water, which I use as a ritual offering for my deity. I also use it to cleanse my tools and anoint myself. Or you can add it to your essential oil diffuser for a magical boost.  This is also a perfect time to charge your crystals. Set them on the windowsill overnight.

So, that is my basic full moon routine. I hope this gives you some ideas for your next full moon. Do you have any other full moon ritual ideas? Share them in the comments!

full moon ritual ideas