Green Witch

Are you a green witch? This sort of magical practitioner is drawn to the natural world. He or she feels more at home out in nature than anywhere else. This type of witch draws energy from working with the Earth.  Some of your favorite hobbies might include hiking or gardening. Environmentalism might also be something you are passionate about.

A Disclaimer

Before we get started, it’s important to remember there are many types of witches.  And there is no “right” way to practice witchcraft.  There is only your way. You decide what works best in your practice.

I should also let you know that, while I use herbs in my practice, I am not well-versed in this aspect of the craft, although I have read lots of books about green witchery. When it comes to plants, I have a black thumb and many have died in my care. Through no fault of my own.

However, I grew up around my father who had a knack for gardening.Whenever I think of green witchery, he springs to mind, although my father isn’t a pagan. He would often take me on tours of his garden and point out how much a specific plant had grown. He talked to them, touched their leaves, almost watched over his plants like a parent. Animals, even wild ones, are drawn to him. I used to watch in awe as birds landed in his hand to get the sunflower seeds he offered them. Somehow, he was able to speak their language. My father just seems to be in tune with the natural world in a way that I’m not.

Green Witchcraft

This sort of magical practitioner uses botanicals in their witchcraft. This could be plants, trees, herbs, anything that grows in or on the ground. You could expand this to working with nature as a whole, perhaps incorporating spirit animals, the elements, Earth herself.  This type of witch might grow his or her own herbs and plants to use in magical practices. He or she might have extensive information in a grimoire about botanicals. This type of witch will include lots of plants and herbs on their altars. A green witch might cultivate a relationship with a plant ally. He or she might work with solar energy in spellwork because the sun’s energy is contained in plants.

Green Witches and Deity

Not all witches choose to work with deity. However, if a green witch practices the Wiccan or religious aspect of the craft, he or she might choose an earth deity like Gaea. Or Spider Grandmother/Spider Woman. However, this type of witch might just have a strong pull to Earth herself.

Green Witch Resources

There are a lot of resources out there for someone who wants to be a green witch. My favorite book is The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock.  She has written many other books on the subject as well, so she’s an excellent resource for someone who is brand new to the practice.  I also highly recommend you check out The Witchy Mommy’s YouTube channel because she is an amazing green witch.

Do you use botanicals in your craft? Do you think you might be a green witch? Let me know in the comments.