The Hanged Man

Can you let go? The Hanged Man is about self-sacrifice. In order to gain something, we must first give up something of value.


The Hanged Man is hung upside down by one foot, attached to a wooden pole or beam, which represents a gallows. His serene face is surrounded by a halo of light, suggesting he has been willingly martyred.

The Hanged Man: Meaning

This problem appears to have no solution. Not a good one anyway. The path in front of you is unclear. Whatever is going on in your life, is beyond your control at the moment.Sacrifices must be made to reap benefits later on. Let go, surrender to the issue, it is beyond you for the time being.

The figure in this card appears tragic at first glance, but he is suspended, not dead. He’s a survivor, someone who knows life has many ups and downs. And triumph often comes after a tragedy, which makes the victory even sweeter.

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Are you feeling stuck? At this time, you are facing an overwhelming life decision, one which could change everything. You are resisting the path forward.  Sometimes a comfort zone is a cage, not a sanctuary. This doesn’t mean you’ve given up or you’re ending the relationship. There’s literally nothing you can do at the moment. You’re in a state of suspension until things shake loose.

This can be extremely frustrating. Most of us have the urge to fix a problem, but it won’t help in this particular situation. You have to weather the storm until the sun comes out once more.


When it comes to relationships, you need to surrender at this time. Nothing you can do will fix this situation. This can be very frustrating. We want to roll up our sleeves and go to work. Sometimes, it’s not always possible.

The relationship isn’t doomed. Most likely, it’s a rough patch.

If this is a potential partner, you might be pushing this connection forward, but it just isn’t working. Once again, surrender and stop trying to force it.   You aren’t gaining any traction for the time being.


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