herbs for love

Adding herbs to your spells is a powerful way to boost your ritual’s power and potency. Remember, the more layers of correspondence (colors, herbs, crystals, etc.)  you add to a spell, the more powerful it will be.  Here is a list of my five go-to herbs for love spells.


How do you use herbs in rituals?

Botanicals are extremely versatile in spells. Here are some examples. You can roll a spell candle in them, create a ritual oil and suspend these botanicals in it, add them to a sachet or a spell jar. Or you could practice a little kitchen witchery with them. For example, you could use some edible herbs and flowers in an herbal tea blend.

If you use incense in magic, you could burn some of these on a charcoal tablet while you are doing your ritual.  I recommend building yourself an apothecary. You can do this by ordering your own personalized herb kit from Etsy. Like this one, which gives you 6 herbs for $9 with free shipping. Or you could sign up for a subscription box, like the Witches Roots which will send you one herb per month, or you could do a little dollar store witchcraft and pick up some herbs and spices for cheap.

Herbs for Love Spells

Here is a list, in no particular order of the herbs I use when I do love magic. By the way, you can check out my twin flame spell and my simple love spell if you are looking for ritual ideas. All of these herbs can be used for love, but they have slightly different properties than you can utilize to get the love that is right for you.


This has to be the most powerful and well-recognized botanical to use in love spells. They smell wonderful, too. For a love spell, I prefer using red or pink rose petals,  because those colors are both associated with an intimate relationship.  You can also use yellow roses if you are doing a friendship/platonic love spell. Keep in mind that red petals are associated with a more passionate love, while pink is a more romantic connection with someone.


Damiana is an aphrodisiac, so it brings a passionate energy to your spells. Let’s say you are trying to call in a very sensual romance, a lover who can sweep you off your feet and take you to bed, this would be the perfect herb to use. It has a very earthy scent.


Like damiana, this gorgeous red flower is used in passionate love spells. It inspires lust and longing for someone. Plus, it adds to the color magic in your spell.


This is a night-blooming flower with a lot of lunar energy. If you happen to be using moon phases in your magic, this is the perfect botanical for your rituals. It also smells amazing. Jasmine will call in a deep, spiritual bond for you, a soul mate, perhaps. If you are thinking of trying out that twin flame spell, this is an important botanical to incorporate.


Cinnamon is a very common spice that can be used for love work. I love to burn cinnamon bark or cinnamon sticks when I’m doing a ritual. You can also use it in prosperity spells. Your intention will “tell” the spice what to do in the ritual.


Which herbs or botanicals do you use in your love spells? Tell me about in the comments below.