herbs for protection

Herbs and other botanicals are a fantastic way to add a boost of power to your ritual. Below, you will find a list of my favorite herbs for protection. Just so you know, this list also contains some spices and botanicals, too.

Building your Apothecary

I highly recommend using herbs in witchcraft. There are several ways to build your own apothecary. You can purchase inexpensive herbs and spices at your local dollar store. You can sign up for a subscription service, like the Witches Roots, which will send you a new herb every month along with other ritual items. Or you could order your own herbal kit from Etsy.

Herbs for Protection

Here are the herbs, botanicals, and spices I use most often in my protection rituals. You can also check out my protection magic article.


This is one of my favorite herbs to work with. It can be used in both protection work and for prosperity rituals. It’s just extremely versatile and inexpensive. I’ve always gotten good results with it.


This herb is renowned for it’s protection and cleansing properties. White sage is used to smudge, or smoke-cleanse a space, and to banish negativity. If you want a crash course in smudging, check out this article. 


Palo Santo

You can burn some palo santo if you want to cleanse and consecrate an item. This is a great botanical to place by the entrances to your home as well. It’s a holy wood which has a long history of being used in protection magic. Don’t worry, it’s sustainably harvested.


While this is a spice, not an herb, it’s extremely effective in protection magic. I’ve added salt to my windowsills and doorways. You can create a salt barrier, if you are casting a circle as well.  It will keep unwanted energies and entities from entering your space.

Incenses or Resins for Protection

I use a lot of incense in my magical practice. So, I burn some nearly every single day, especially during the course of a ritual. I also burn some when I’m doing divination work. Check out this post for more information. You can use stick incense, resins, or cones to protect your space.


Just as a warning, dragonsblood resin can be pretty pricey. You can buy the actual resin or some incense that you can use in ritual work. The incense is more cost-effective. This is an extremely powerful and potent botanical when it comes to protection. I burn a lot of dragonsblood incense during the Samhain season because the veil is thinner at this time and I don’t want any unwanted entities hanging around.


I burn a lot of copal on charcoal tablets during a ritual to keep me safe and to cleanse the area. It banishes negativity, dark energies, and just clears everything out of a space. Copal was used by the Mayans and Aztecs in rituals, going back thousands of years.

What herbs for protection do you use? Tell me in the comments.