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The Hermit Tarot Love | Tarot Basics | Tarot & Witchcraft

The Hermit

Do you need some alone time? As the name of the card suggests, The Hermit is about solitude and introspection, and spending time by yourself.


A robed figure hold a lantern and he is carrying a walking stick.  He is all alone, peering into the darkness on a dreary cold winter’s night. With his long white beard and monk-like robes, he appears to be a very wise man.

Meaning: The Hermit

You might be craving alone time at the moment, a chance to retreat from the rest of the world and collect your thoughts. This might be an excellent time to take up meditation or mindfulness, to center yourself.

We often think “me time” must be a large chunk of hours carved out for that purpose, but even giving yourself as little as five minutes a day can connect you with your inner voice.

If you are contemplating a decision or a burning question, you already have the answers, all you need to do is consult your intuition. The Hermit is about self-knowledge, looking within, rather than asking the world around us for clues.

Or this card might be encouraging you to seek the wisdom of a trusted mentor, someone who is wise and offers unbiased counsel. He or she has a great deal of knowledge and can give you the answer you seek. Seek out some guidance and then make your own decision.

hermit tarot love
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There is a difference between being alone and lonely. Have you been intentionally avoiding people? Maybe you have social anxiety and aren’t comfortable with others.

Or you’re shy and haven’t come out of your shell. Sometimes, we can be lonely, even in a crowd.

Have you been holding back? Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself? This card is telling you it’s time to put yourself out there. Start in small ways. We are social creatures and we need to spend time with other human beings. It isn’t healthy to be alone all the time.

The Hermit Tarot Love

When it comes to love, this card can mean loneliness, even within a relationship. Perhaps you feel that your partner doesn’t understand you or connect with you. Even if he or she is by your side, you still feel empty.

Or perhaps you’ve withdrawn from relationships altogether to focus on your education or career. If The Hierophant also appears in the tarot spread, this is especially true. Or maybe your ambition is driving you at the moment, and you can’t slow down long enough to have a relationship. Hello, The Chariot!

You also might have gotten involved with someone who is emotionally distant, who deals with thoughts, rather than feelings. True intimacy will be difficult with this person. His or her natural inclination will be to hold you at arm’s length.

When it comes to feelings, your lover might just need some space to figure things out. Regardless, he or she needs some time away from you currently. Check the surrounding cards to find out if this is temporary or permanent.

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The Hermit Tarot Love