The Hierophant

What do you believe? The Hierophant is all about belief structures. This card shows up in a reading when a person is questioning their convictions. The card also has a strong association with education.


The Hierophant sits on a raised dais between two Roman columns, dressed in pope-like robes. He wears a golden crown. At his feet, we see two monks. We see several crosses depicted in this image, along with a set of keys which represent education.


The Hierophant: Meaning

When this card appears, you might be the teacher or the student. What lessons have you learned or need to learn? What knowledge are you seeking and how will you integrate it into your current belief structure?

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When this card is reversed, your conscience might be pricking you. Do you have a guilty conscience? Are your beliefs and actions out of whack? Maybe you aren’t living up to your own expectations.

You might also be questioning your religion. Are the ideas and teachings no longer resonating with you? Perhaps it’s time consider other religions or find a new church.

This card can also represent a teacher with questionable methods or morals. This individual might be using their authority to exploit others.


If you are single, this card signals a chance to learn and grow on your own, outside of a relationship. You might even believe love isn’t important, and you’d rather focus on your education, or goals for the moment.

When this card appears in the context of an established relationship, it comes down to shared beliefs and ways of thinking. You are very compatible when it comes to the big picture in life.


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