how to bind someone

Do you know someone who just needs to stop acting out? Is he or she out of control and could benefit from a time out? Then this is the spell for you. I’m going to teach you how to bind someone, which is a great alternative to hexing them. Basically, you are preventing him or her from doing harm against you or anyone else again.

What is binding?

Basically, you want stop them from doing harm (ideally) or minimize the damage he or she is capable of.  You are doing this as a safety measure for yourself and other innocent people. Before you go any further, make sure this is not a vindictive spell. You shouldn’t be doing it to “get even” with someone. If you are thinking of hexing someone, check this post out instead.

Okay, enough with the warning labels, let’s get started.

How to Bind Someone

Cold Binding

What you need is a representation of the person. So, this can be the name on a piece of paper, a picture, or even a drawing you’ve done. After casting a circle, talk to the picture and think or say what the person has been doing.  When you are satisfied, move on.

You then say, I bind you, (NAME) from harming me or anyone else. And then you toss the picture/paper into the darkest, coldest corner of your freezer and leave it there as long as you need to.


If someone is being especially hurtful, you can fill a small mason jar with water, place the name in it, and freeze the whole thing.

Twine Binding

Another version of this spell uses the same method. Only instead of the deep freeze, you are going to wrap the representation of the person up with twine or thread.  You can even use dental floss in a pinch.I have! After you finish,  put the bundle in a jar or container. Once again, leave it there until he or she is gotten themselves together again.

Altar Binding

Sometimes, you need to add a little oomph to a spell. I would do this one at the full moon. If you have tried the other methods and they won’t work, try this option. Understand it is going to take a lot of work and time.

Place a picture or drawing or the person’s name on your altar. Do this spell at the full moon to harness the extra power. It follows the other two spells, with the naming the bad actions the person has taken and then saying I bind you.

Every single day, you will light a candle on your altar and look at the picture as you continue to say “I bind you.” This can be as little as a minute or two a day. Use the energy of the waning moon and its diminishing power to help you along.

Right before the new moon, burn the representation of the person (name, picture, etc.) in a fire proof vessel and get rid of the ashes. You can throw them away or flush them down the toilet.

Have you ever bound someone? Tell me in the comments.