how to cast spell

This post was written with beginners in mind. If you ended up here, you’re probably wondering how to cast a spell. After all, it is the coolest part of being a witch.

By the way, I’m not going to teach you a specific spell either. I’m going to give you a method, and then you can create your own spells. Those are always the most powerful.

However, feel free to take a peek at other people’s rituals and tweak them to suit your own needs.

What is a spell?

I like to think of it as letting the universe know your intentions. It’s a mission statement or a prayer, a way of asking for assistance and guidance. It all depends on you, what kind of witch you are, and what you are asking for.

For example, if you are wanting to be healthier, you are declaring your intention to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. If you are looking for something, say a career change or a raise, or a title bump at work, you are asking the universe for assistance to find your path.

How do I start?

This is going to sound very simple, but first you need to know what you want. Before I cast a spell, I spend some time figuring out what I need and want. You don’t want to accidentally attract the wrong thing, do you?

Let’s say, you cast a spell to find a handsome, intelligent, witty man. There’s only one snag. He’s taken! See what I mean? I like to think of a spell as an arrangement with the universe, and you are going to write it very carefully, almost like a legal contract. It’s for this reason, I don’t use spells created by other people.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or if you’re a techno witch like me, an app.  I keep my phone with me all the time. It’s on my night stand when I’m in bed, it’s in my hand or my bag throughout the day. I use Google Keep because it’s free and I like the layout. In effect I’ve created a digital grimoire.

Start scribbling or typing down some ideas. Are you looking for love? Money? Guidance? Healing? What outcome would you like?  By the way, once you start crafting spells, it’s a great idea to organize them. If you don’t like to go the digital route, consider buying a pretty journal, or maybe a file, you can place them in.

A Word of Caution

Don’t make your gain another person’s loss. What do I mean? Doing this is bumping up against Wiccan rules. There aren’t many, but they’re important so follow them.

For example,  you don’t want your co-worker’s job at work. You wish to move up, without causing any grief for someone else. It would be one thing to get her position, if she was promoted within the company or found a job at another place she liked even more. It’s quite another, if you end up with her job after she’s  been fired.

Speaking of being specific, when it comes to love spells, don’t ask for a particular person. We want to respect free will. A relationship created using these means, would never last or it would be troubled. You especially don’t want to ask the universe for someone who is already taken. Talk about bad karma!

Instead, ask for a specific type of person. Make a list of what traits you like. For example, are you attracted to dark haired men? Or women?  Do blue eyes appeal to you? What about characteristics? Should he or she be funny? Handy in the kitchen? Incredibly sexy?


Getting ready

So, now that you know what you want, how are you going to get it? Well, you need to craft a spell.

Items you can use to create the spell include, but are not limited to: crystals, tarot cards, candles, incense, essential oils, herbs, feathers, fabric, or personal tokens like a necklace.  I’ve found spell ingredients in the most unlikely places like the dollar store of bulk foods. No one said you can’t be thrifty.

This is optional, but you might want an object to focus power like a wand or long crystal. This is especially helpful for newish witches. You can either buy one or make it yourself.

Another word of warning here. Do not use anything alive in a spell. No insects. No animals. Don’t even use blood or saliva, or any other gross bodily fluid. Why? Because then you are bumping up against something negative. Some people don’t believe in the concept of black magic or white/green magic. They believe magic is neither good, nor bad. I disagree.

It all comes down to intentions. Are you trying to hurt someone? Are you motivated by greed? Anger? If you are, your spell could backfire on you.

Like I said above, it’s  better to create your own spell. Find a quiet place and craft your ritual. I close my eyes, light a candle and let my thoughts drift. Chances are, some phrases or ideas will spring up. Capture those! You are connecting with the universe and the god or goddess is trying to help you out.

Spell Time

After you’ve created your ritual, you’ll need to cast a circle. I’ve created a separate post on this topic, so you should check it out for more in depth information.  A circle creates a safe space for spell work and making one isn’t optional. You don’t want to attract unfriendly energy or entities.

When you are focused and ready, begin your ritual. If any extraneous thoughts flit through your mind, brush them away and continue on. Some people close their eyes and concentrate. Others stare at an object like a candle, until they don’t even see it anymore.  You should do what “feels” best for you.

Remember! Intention matters when it comes to spell. Are you trying to live your best life? Do you want warmth and companionship in your life? Maybe you want to focus healing energy on yourself or someone you love. Work from a place of love and light.

Close out the Circle

You might want to add a ritual phrase, such as “so mote it be” or “blessed be” to signify the end of the spell work. This can also be accomplished by blowing out the candles, extinguishing the incense, etc.

Do you want to follow up? For example, I might write out my intentions/desire for the spell. You might want to leave this paper on your altar. Sometimes I use a piece of jewelry during the ritual and I wear it until the spell plays itself out, so I’m constantly adding a boost of energy and intention.

If you’ve cast a spell before, tell me what methodology you used. I’m always interested in learning from others.

If you haven’t done a spell before,  do you have any concerns or questions? Tell me in the comments below.



how to cast a spell