Cutting Etheric Cords

Want to put some emotional distance between you and another person? We’ve all wanted to do this from time to time, if only to preserve our own sanity.  In this post, I will teach you a simple method for cutting etheric cords.

What are etheric cords?

But first, let’s discuss what etheric cords are. They are also called ethereal cords, and essentially they are invisible bonds between you and another person. While you can’t see these attachments, you can definitely feel them. We form cords with loved ones and it’s a natural process, part of bonding and loving another person. You see them between partners, friends, and very strong etheric cords between parents and children. It’s how we convey love and support to another person. Essentially, you are sharing your power, energy, or chi with them.

These cords have an ebb and flow to them. Sometimes we draw more energy from a person than we give to them and vice versa. It depends on our relationship, what is going on in their lives and ours, and other factors like distance. And while these cords are natural, they aren’t always healthy.

When should you cut these cords?

Obviously, you want to keep the cords attached between you and loved ones when you have a healthy, stable relationship. Even in times when another person is struggling and needs to draw on this energy, it’s okay to keep the cord attached. For example, a friend is going through a divorce and you want to offer your love and compassion.

If however, you have someone who drains your power and never offers any back, you might consider cutting this cord. There are many names for this type of person–energy vampire, narcissist, abuser. It doesn’t matter what term you use, it’s the same sort of situation.

How do you know if this relationship is unhealthy? Do you feel drained after spending time with him or her? Exhausted? Does seeing this person make you feel anxious and upset? Then it might be time to cut the cord between you. This doesn’t mean that you are ending this relationship, although you might want to consider whether having this person in your life is worth it. You can just put some emotional distance between the two of you by cutting the cord.

A lot of people feel guilty about doing this, but try to think of it as maintaining your health and well-being. You want to offer your power and support to those who love you and give back.

Cutting Etheric Cords

Cutting etheric cords is a simple process. Before you begin, I would try a mindfulness exercise to center yourself. You might want to light a candle, burn incense, or anything else that puts you at ease. You need to be focused and calm for this to work. The only other tool you need for this exercise is a pair of scissors.

With your eyes closed, simply say, “Goddess Artemis (or your patron deity, or the universe) please preserve my energy and cut this cord between NAME and me.”

You don’t have to use those exact words. Say what’s in your heart, what you feel in the moment. I  do this while snipping the scissors over the space above my heart chakra. Do not cut yourself, just slice the scissors in the air. I find a physical object in my hand helps me visualize cutting a cord.

What happens afterward?

I can only speak from my own experience. After I cut a cord between myself and a verbally abusive person, I immediately felt better. Lighter, somehow. It was a huge relief.

However, this cord was in deep and I wanted to make sure it was gone for good. I did this exercise over the period of a week. I do a little witchy morning routine and I just added five extra minutes to cut the cord. I stopped doing it once I felt this connection die permanently.

It’s also worthwhile to note that this person is no longer in my life. If you continue to see the person you cut a cord with, you might have to repeat this exercise as needed to protect your own power.

Are you planning on cutting a cord? Or have you cut one in the past? If so, tell me what the experience was like for you.

how to cut etheric cords