how to make a vision board

Want to know how to make a vision board for manifesting? It’s easy. I’ll show you how, and give you a few pointers. If you’re new to manifesting, you might want to check out my Law of Attraction Definition and My Manifesting Story. Ready to go? Let’s get started.

Choosing a Topic

I believe single topic boards work betteer than a multipurpose board depicting your best life. Why? Because the Law of Attraction is all about focus. You have to visualize what you want in order to manifest your dreams. If you have a distracting board with all sorts of goals in mind, it will be more difficult to make your intentions clear.

I also recommend you work on one area of your life at a time. So, decide what this board will be about. What do you want most? Is it a career goal? A relationship goal? Money? Whatever your burning desire is, focus on that because you have the most energy and willpower directed at this goal. It will be easier to manifest.

Digital or Physical

The second step is deciding on what kind of vision board you’d like to have. Some people prefer the digital route, while others want to have a physical vision board they can touch. Either one of these will work. The question is, what type do you prefer? Use your gut instinct on this one.

If you are going the digital route, I recommend Pinterest. There are so many images on so many topics. It will be easy to find what you are looking for. You can build a secret board. Other options are Evernote, OneNote, or Google Keep. I build secret boards on Pinterest, because I use the site every day anyway.

If you are going the paper route, I’d head over to my local dollar store. Yes, the dollar store. It’s an excellent place to find witchy and manifesting items. Pick out a poster board, and look at the cards and the craft section. Find items related to your goal. You should also seek out magazines and newspapers for inspiration.

A Ritual

This shouldn’t be an arts and crafts project or mindless social media scrolling. Think of this as a ritual. Light a candle, diffuse some essential oil in the air, play some nature sounds in the background. Try a mindfulness ritual before you start. You are getting in touch with your inner desires, your intentions, your power. When you build this board, you need to harness that energy and focus it on what you are trying to manifest.


Now that you know what you want and what medium you will be using, it’s time to select items for your board. When you are searching for images and words for your board, use your intuition. Certain pictures and quotes will resonate with you. Pay attention to those and add them to your board. While you are cutting things out or pinning them, think about your goal and why you want it.


It’s important to be intentional and clear about your goals. If you are certain what you want and how you will go about getting it, the easier it will be to manifest. Don’t get distracted when you are searching for images and quotes. Instead, be laser-focused on what you want.


If you have a physical board, I would place it in an area where I see it every single day. This could be your bedroom, home office, anywhere you are likely to walk by. If it’s on your phone, you could make it the wallpaper. You need a reminder every day, a cue to think about what you are working towards.


So most people build a vision board and then never look at it again. A vision board is a tool that helps you realize your dreams. Psychology backs the idea. Visualizing an activity can trick your brain into thinking you’ve already done it. In order to make this board work, you need to spend a small amount of time every single day focusing on it and your goals.

I build it into my schedule. I grab a cup of coffee in the morning, do a mindfulness ritual and then start searching for pins on Pinterest that suit my goal. You can also add to a physical board, but you don’t have to.

While you are gazing at your work, imagine yourself obtaining this relationship or promotion or starting that business. Whatever you are setting out to do, imagine yourself achieving it. How does it feel? What is your experience like? This has to feel real to you.


You can’t just visualize your desires though. While you have been working on this vision board, some ideas have probably occurred to you. These are like little hints from the universe. For example, when I was trying to become an author, my friend kept talking about self-publishing. I dismissed it out of hand because I wanted a “real publisher” to accept my work. It’s a good thing that I ultimately listened to her advice.  I ended up selling a series of very lucrative novels.

If you’ve gotten any of these little hints, act on them. Want a relationship? Sign up for a dating app or join a community organization to meet more people. Want a blogging side business? You need to start working on it.  Pay attention to the signs you’ve been given and go with it. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever made a vision board before? Did it work? Or if you are going to work on a vision board, what are you trying to manifest? Tell me in the comments.


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