how to use a magic wand

Want to know how to use a magic wand? I’ll give you the low down, along with some wand pointers to get you started. Do you remember the famous Harry Potter scene where he goes to Ollivander’s Wands and buys one? I’ve always wanted to find a wand like that. Unfortunately, real magic doesn’t work like movie magic. However, the wand will be just as precious to you, as it was to Harry.


Why use a Wand?

To be clear, you don’t need a wand to practice witchcraft. I used one in the beginning of my witchcraft journey, but I haven’t used one for several years. However, if you are a new witch and focusing your power is difficult, it will help you control your energy and better utilize it in spells.

By the way, you can improve your control by adding in some mindfulness to your daily routine. Mindfulness helps a witch clear his or her thoughts. It’s important to keep your intentions crystal clear when you are casting. Also make sure to cast a circle before you get started. This will concentrate your energy in a circle you can control.

Make or Purchase a Wand

This first step might seem obvious, but you’ll need to either make a wand, or buy one. Making one should be pretty straight forward. You simply need a stick or you could get really fancy and buy a dowel rod. You can even get them cut down to size at the hardware store. Then you can set about decorating it with some wood glue. There are so many options like feathers, seashells, stones, buttons, crystals, copper wire, washi tape, glass beads. The list is endless. You could even use items you already have around the house and re-purpose them.

Just decide what type of wand you’d like and build it. Do you want one that is reminiscent of the sea? Use driftwood, seashells, maybe even some sand. One that is like the woods? Use a stick from a tree, along with stones and feathers. Or maybe you’d like a modern one with copper wire and beads? The choice is yours, but the wand should match your witchy vibe. If you’d like a more detailed tutorial on making a wand, check out this post on The Traveling Witch.

While you are working on this wand, make sure to focus on it, imagine your power surrounding you. I always picture a bright white light flowing around me. Infuse the wand with your energy and intention.

If you aren’t particularly crafty, or you are a lazy witch like me, you can purchase a wand. Etsy has a ton of options. I love this fancy Swarovsky crystal one. These simple oak ones are also really cute. Amazon has a few wands too. Just remember, whether you are selecting tarot cards, wands, or any other magical tool, pick one that “feels” right to you. When you see the wand you are meant to have, you will know it. Trust your instincts.

Consecrate your Wand

Okay, so now you have a wand. Before you begin using it in magical work, you’ll need to consecrate it, so you’ll be ready to cast a spell. This will remove any negative energy and bless the wand. I would do this, even if I made the wand myself. Why? Call it a little magical insurance, in case you missed anything. And yes, I’m a bit on the cautious side.

How to use a Magic Wand

Once you have your wand and you’ve consecrated it, it’s time to put it to use. Is anyone else flashing back to the Harry Potter swish and flick tutorial? Well, it’s sort of like that. You will use the wand in spells to direct your energy. It gives you a point to focus on. There is a lot of visualization in witchcraft and the wand is a visual cue to enhance your power. When I closed my eyes, I picture the light (or power, whatever you’d like to call it) shooting out from the wand. It should be an extension of your arm and hand. Use the wand to direct your energy.

Where should I store my wand?

I keep all of my magical tools (athame, candles, incense, etc.) in a basket on my altar. It’s a sacred space and clear of any negative energy. However, you don’t need an altar. Simply choose a space in your home that is sacred to you and store your wand and other tools there.

How should I care for my magic wand?

I periodically cleanse and consecrate all of my tools, because I’ve been using them to perform magic and I want to neutralize any residual energy. Why? Because I don’t want anything to interfere with my spellcasting. Sometimes objects can pick up intentions and hold onto them. Also, if I’m doing some harsher magic like a hex or a binding spell, I cleanse my tools right after the spellwork is complete. Why? I don’t want those intentions lingering in my space any longer than they have to.

I would highly recommend you do the same. It doesn’t have to be weekly or even monthly. I typically do this with the change of the seasons, as I’m cleansing my house. Just sweep all of the negative energy out of your space at one time and prepare for a new season and new sabbats.

Have you used a magic wand? Tell me in the comments.


How to use a magic wand