how to write a spell

Figuring out how to write a spell when you are a new witch can be intimidating. If you’re anything like me, you have been using other witch’s spells with varying results. I have always believed the most powerful ritual  will be the one you write for yourself. Why? Because it’s infused with your power and intention. That doesn’t mean I don’t  look at other witch’s rituals every now and then to get some ideas, but an important step in the craft is learning to fly solo. I’ll give you some pointers in this article to get you started.

Tweak other Spells

Nervous about creating your own ritual? Try tweaking some spells first and see how it feels. Check out some spells on witch blogs, YouTube, or books on witchcraft. Then put your own little twist on these rituals. I highly recommend Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells as a resource. This is a good intermediate step on the way to creating your own rituals.

How to Write a Spell

When you are sitting down to write your own spell, here are some tips and tricks to help you. Remember, there is no “right” way to do witchcraft. Focus on your strengths and do what feels natural to you.

Make an Offering

I’ve found when I have offered something up, the magic came a bit easier. No, I don’t mean harming any animals. A good example, is the three quarters I gave away in my Lammas Abundance Ritual. I was asking for prosperity and I”sacrificed” a little of my own wealth first.

If you are doing a spell to attract love into your life, consider performing random acts of kindness. Do something nice for a friend or even a stranger. Send a little love out into the universe as part of your magical workings.

Take Action

You can’t perform magic and expect your desires to manifest without a little elbow grease on your part. If you are asking for a new job and don’t sent out resumes to employers, you are going to make it harder for the magic to flow. If you are sick and you are doing a spell for health, make sure you are also visiting the doctor and taking your meds. We need to show we are willing to help ourselves before magic will step in with an assist.


Do you really want the thing you are asking for? I mean, really want it? The more energy behind it, the more likely the spell is to work. I reserve magic for goals and dreams that I’m deeply passionate about and that affect my everyday life.

Realistic Goals

Sitting down and writing a spell to win a million dollars, probably isn’t going to net you results. It could, but it is highly unlikely. Why? Because it isn’t realistic and you don’t have that visceral intention behind it. But, let’s say, you do a spell for a raise at work and then you do an amazing job on a presentation and then ask for a salary bump. You’ve made your results much more likely because it’s realistic, you’ve taken action, and there is intention behind it.


Look up the correspondences for what kind of ritual you are trying to write. What herbs are associated with abundance? What crystals should I use for health? And what color candles should I use for love? Even better, keep a running list of these in your Book of Shadows.

You don’t have to use #allthethings in your rituals though. But these tools can help you along the way.


Determine what method works best for you. Some witches love doing candle magic, others prefer to use herbs. While others utilize crystals. All of these methods work, but which one of these suit you best? Do some experimenting. I find that I use tarot cards (as representations), herbs, essential oils, and some crystals. So, I have an eclectic mix.

What should I say?

There are no rules here. It doesn’t have to rhyme. You don’t even have to speak aloud if you don’t want to. And it doesn’t have to be long. I do a basic outline for myself as to what is important and then I say things in the moment. I heavily rely on my intuition during a ritual. Other witches prefer to script everything out. When I do manifesting magic, I am a little more specific. As you are going through this process, you will learn what feels “right” to you.

What Type of Witch are you?

Different types of witches tend to utilize specific sets of tools. This can be lunar cycles, the elements, the tides, etc. However, this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. You can mix and match from different magical schools of thought. Although, chances are, one aspect will be more prevalent in your practice.

Call on Something or Someone

I am deliberately keeping this vague. It can be the universe, the god or goddess of your choice, or nature. When you are just starting out, the power boost will help you achieve the goal. You don’t always have to call on a power, but it helps.

I hope this gave you some useful tips on how to write a spell. Once again, there is no “right” way to practice the craft. You will learn a lot about yourself, your brand of magic, and what feels best to you along the way. So, enjoy the process. Tell me in the comments what spells you are planning on. I’d love to hear about it.