Are you being fair and impartial? Justice is about being ethical and accountable for our actions. It deals with issues of equality, fairness, and legality.

Description: Justice

A serious man sits upon a throne between two pillars. He’s wearing ornate robes and a crown, and holds a sword in one hand, and the scales of justice in the other. He is imposing, regal, and consequential. Justice is literally a judge.


This card is about logic and equality. Justice is only concerned about the facts. Actions have consequences and Justice is about dealing with those outcomes, whether they are positive or negative. It’s important to be aware of our actions and how they impact those around us. Are you treating the people around you fairly?

Justice Tarot Card Love
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It could also mean you are literally involved in a court case. This might a family court, criminal court, or a civil court matter.

You also might feel you aren’t being treated in a equitable, ethical manner by someone else. If so, you need to call this person out on his or her behavior.


This card represents unethical behavior, dishonesty, and disregard for the law. This could mean you aren’t acting in an ethical manner, or those around you are breaking the law.

The law might not be on your side if you’re involved in a court case. Or things might be messy or unclear in the legal proceedings.

Justice Tarot Card Love

In relationships, fairness is important. We must always balance the scales. Is there a give and take in your relationship?  Is there balance? Are you making all the compromises? Or is your partner the one who gives in? If your relationship isn’t equal, you need to sit down and talk this out, and make compromises on both sides.

Are you going through a divorce, a legal separation, or a custody battle? The outcome will depend on the cards surrounding this one. Are they largely positive or negative? For example, do you see The Tower? This isn’t a good sign. While Temperance is a good one.

You might be caught in a negative loop with your lover. Are you both playing games? For example, you aren’t responding to his texts but you have enough time to read them. Maybe you’re ignoring him to flirt with other guys, in order to make him jealous. He could be calling you up for last minute dates, so he can keep his options open. You are both tipping the scales back and forth, but you aren’t getting anywhere.

Maybe your significant other has wronged you in the past, and while you have taken him or her back, you might not have forgiven her or him. You are punishing this person for past behavior and the two of you aren’t moving forward yet. You don’t have to accept poor treatment from someone, but do you really want to be in a relationship with this person anymore?



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