After I tell you my story, I’m going to give you some Law of Attraction tips. If you’re reading this post, I assume you’re are curious about manifesting. If you want a definition of the Law of Attraction and some basics, read this post first. I also highly recommend checking out Gabriel Bernstein’s videos on the subject like How to Use Manifesting. Or the #1 Key to Manifesting.

Okay, so eight years ago, I’d just lost my job (my contract ended and I didn’t get renewed), my apartment (a job perk), and my boyfriend. All in the space of two weeks. Yeah, it was a really rough time. I felt like my life was over, out of control, a total mess.

I remember crying myself to sleep at night. Every morning, I crawled out of bed, feeling queasy and anxious. Everything was crumbling around me and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to move in with my parents again (yikes!) and job search. I felt like a total failure.

And yet, I’d been having this nagging feeling that I was in the wrong profession. I’d been working in higher education and counseling since I graduated. My job was enjoyable, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it my passion. And my personal life wasn’t much better. My relationship was toxic and he was a real piece of work. On some level, I think the universe knew this wasn’t the life I was meant to be living, so everything went to hell.

Law of Attraction

Around this time, I read The Secret and started learning more about LOA in between sending out my resume and interviews.  At first, I thought it was a bunch of crap. Yes, I’m a witch and I believe in magic, but it sounded a little too “woo woo” even for me. I mean…you can just create the life you want to live? I don’t think so.

By the way, my job search went nowhere. I had 30 interviews and no job offer. Ugh. I was getting discouraged and I felt like a loser, doing chores and sleeping in my childhood bedroom. In retrospect, I wasn’t really all that invested in the jobs. I was burnt out working in higher education and I wanted something new. Something exciting.

Another Path

I became obsessed with my teenage ambition to be a writer.  I’d written several, horrible Harry Potter fanfiction stories. Does anyone else have a thing for Snape? Or is it just me? I’m a Slytherin by the way. But I digress.

So, to cheer myself up, I started going to my local Romance Writers of America chapter meetings. And I worked on a manuscript that had been tumbling around in my head for months. I had the idea for a series, based on a group of hot bikers (a different couple in every book) and I plotted the whole thing out.  I wrote 2,000 words a day. Every. Single. Day. Around this time, I started researching self publishing and figured out I could publish this myself.

And I did exactly that.

The whole thing was bootstrapped. I edited the book with some help from my friends and family, got a bargain book cover on Fiverr, and published my very first novel three months later. Now, I had never finished a book until I wrote this one. I’d published some novellas and short stories with small presses, but I’d never fully invested in my own dream.

But I had total faith in my book and somehow I knew it would be a success. Even though most people who self publish only make a few hundred dollars, at most.

And you know what? I was right.

Manifesting a Publishing Career

Above is a screenshot from my Amazon KDP dashboard. To be clear, I earned this amount of money in four and half years, publishing several books in the series, which really took off. I invested about a $250 in each book (editing, book covers, advertising). I got a huge return on my investment. Not bad for writing something on my laptop.

Since then, the market is saturated and uber competitive.  And I’ve lost my passion for writing romance novels because of the pressure to churn out a new book every month. Yeah, you heard me. Every freakin’ month. There are authors churning out new works every 4-6 weeks and I can’t produce a new book and stay on top of the algorithm at that rate.

I still love writing, and I’ve combined it with my passion for witchcraft, tarot, and manifesting. Only now I blog. So, my next chapter is about writing this blog and helping others achieve their dream. And, yes, I’m using the Law of Attraction to do it.

Law of Attraction Tips

So, here’s the part you were waiting for. What are some practical takeaways from my story you can use in your own manifesting practice? Do you want to get started? I thought so!

What and why.

So, what do you really want? In my opinion, this is the hardest part of the process. Determine what you want, more than anything else. Don’t try to work on three or four things at once. Just get specific and throw all your energy at that one goal.

Pay attention to signs

What do I mean by a sign? Well, the universe sends you signs and signals. A friend of mine, Jennifer, had just self published a book and it really took off. She’s the one who asked me to go to RWA meetings with her. Actually, the universe was pushing me in this direction. Not Jennifer. Boy, am I glad I listened.

Do you have any nagging feelings? Or ideas? Does a suggestion a friend or colleague makes sound really good? Pay attention!


At night, when I laid down to sleep, I pictured my book selling thousands of copies. Believed it. Sure, I had moments of doubt, but I pushed through it. I used to look at the Amazon charts and picture my book rising up through the ranks, until it landed in the top of the top of my chosen category. And it did. I made the top ten of the contemporary romance category four days after releasing the book.

Work your tail off

Without fail, I sat down every damn day and wrote. Butt in the chair, laptop open, typing away. Did I get the full 2,000 words a day? No, not every day. But most of the time I did. And if I didn’t get the whole word count in, I made some progress. The point is, I was further along in my goal every single stinking day.

There’s a few other things I did, too. Sign up for freebie email course and it will give you a head start on the path. Do you have any Law of Attraction tips? Share them with everyone in the comments.


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