Learning Tarot

Are you in the process of learning tarot? Trying to make sense of it all? You’re in the right place. It can be a confusing process and I’d love to help you get some clarity on the subject. I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was a teenager and I learn something new every time I pull out my deck. The Tarot can be incredibly helpful because it gets you in touch with your intuition, that small voice inside every single one of us. I promise you won’t regret learning more about these cards.

Learning Tarot Card Meanings

Rather than flipping through a dusty old guidebook searching for meanings, I want to help you trust your instincts and modify or even invent tarot card meanings for yourself. It should be an organic process, one you get more comfortable with as you progress further in your journey.

This process should be about your goals, desires, and needs. However, to get you started, I’ve shared my tarot meanings for both the Major and Minor Arcana.  Feel free to modify those as necessary.  You can also check out the various suits of cards: Suit of Swords, Suit of Cups, Suit of Pentacles, Suit of Wands.

Some Helpful Posts

Here are some posts you might find helpful in your journey. You can also check out my Pinterest page. I have a board dedicated to tarot spreads as well as card meanings.

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Free Tarot Card Cheat Sheet

Make sure to grab my free cheat sheet, so you can start reading the tarot intuitively. Make sure to get a free Major Arcana reading while you are here.  You can also a order a reading if you aren’t comfortable doing your own yet.

Learning the Tarot



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