The Moon

Have you been Moonstruck? The Moon has always been a mystery, a symbol of the unknown, and a harbinger of insanity. Ever heard of the term lunatic? Luna is Latin for “moon.” The ancients thought the moon caused insanity.


We see two wolves howling at the moon overhead. There’s a man in the moon, a mysterious figure looking down upon them. In the distance, a long jagged path leads up into the mountains. This path is framed by two towers.

The Moon: Yes or No

The Moon is a hard “no.” Worse yet, it means there’s something about this situation that you don’t know, you don’t know. If that makes sense. You aren’t even aware of some of the implications. Be careful.

The Moon: Meaning

This card is about our darker selves, the unconscious mind, dreams, and shadows. This card is strongly associated with hidden knowledge. What don’t you know?

Someone might be hiding something important from you. Or you might be deluding yourself in some way. Regardless, you need to face your fears and embrace the darkest parts of yourself to move forward.

Pay attention to your intuition, your dreams. Listen to the voice within yourself. Look for The Tower and The Devil. They might shed light on this situation.

The Moon Tarot Love
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Have you been afraid to move forward? Or take a risk?  This card signifies denial and self-deception. Playing it safe isn’t always the smartest thing to do. If you don’t take a risk, you won’t be rewarded. Of course, you won’t fail either.

Or you might be refusing to pay attention to your dreams and your intuition. If you have a gut feeling, you should trust it.

Mental health might be an issue. The Moon is associated with mental instability. A lot of people experience depression and anxiety. You might need to check in with a doctor or a counselor.

The Moon Tarot Love

You might be deceiving yourself with this relationship. Are you seeing your lover for who he or she truly is?  This person might be lying to you, or you might be obscuring the truth.  You might be deluding yourself, blinded by love.

Have you been living in a fantasy? Are you longing for someone? Look for The Star or The High Priestess to confirm this meaning.

Or maybe you’ve placed your lover on a pedestal. You aren’t seeing this person for who they really are. Whatever the case, you aren’t seeing the person clearly. Eventually, things will come to light and you should prepare yourself for some potentially ugly truths.

One interpretation is, this attraction you feel is inappropriate. The Moon is about subconscious and unconscious desires. Maybe this person is too old or too young for you. Or you have an inappropriate relationship with this person. For example, you have feelings for your brother or sister in law. Whatever the case may be, you are trying desperately to suppress these instincts and it is causing you some distress.


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