Lammas is the first of the harvest festivals. Mabon and Samhain aren’t far behind. This one focuses on the grain harvest, because corn and wheat is usually ripe during this time of the year. Lammas is all about the bounty of the earth, and it’s a all about gratitude. It’s also a perfect holiday, along with Mabon, for doing an abundance spell. If you want to read more about Lammas, check out this post. I’m particularly proud of my Lammas altar this year. I think it looks beautiful.

Since I’m a witch on a budget, the grand total for my entire altar was around $30. Everything you see on the altar came from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and the Dollar Spot at Target. Because Lammas is about harvesting what you’ve sown, I’ve got my abundance mojo in high gear. I’ve been working my behind off this year and I’m hoping the universe sees fit to reward me. Plus, this holiday falls on a new moon.  The new moon is an excellent time to start a new project, set your intentions. I wanted to take advantage of a double dose of power.

Elements of my altar

  • Plants to honor the harvest. I have sage, oregano, lucky bamboo.
  • Green candle for abundance
  • Sunflowers and mini hay bails to symbolize the beginning of fall. There are also stalks of wheat
  • My sign says Fortes Fortuna Iuvat which is Latin for Fortune Favors the Brave
  • A jar of coins I collected from my apartment to symbolize money.
  • Tarot cards, which I use in spells as symbols. The Magician is all about manifesting your desires. The Wheel of Fortune is for good luck. I’ve chosen The Star as well because I do very creative work.
  • The crystals are tiger’s eye and fire agate. I use the tiger’s eye for taking action, pushing forward. The fire agate is for creativity.
  • I also added a piece of jewelry (pentacle) that I can wear all month to strengthen my spell.

Special Items

The Witchy Mommy has an amazing YouTube channel and she offers prosperity and abundance candles and sprays in her store. I’ve been wanting to give them a try, so I added them to my altar for an extra kick. I don’t have the results yet, but I can tell you they smell amazing. No, this isn’t a sponsored post.

Lammas Altar

Lammas Ritual

To prep for this spell, I cleaned my apartment, decluttered, and made space for new things. The universe will always fill a vacuum.  I made a homemade smudge spray from rosemary leaves and witch hazel and opened all the windows in my place, letting any trace of negative energy out.

On Lammas, I will wake up early, and go to my altar. I will be diffusing some basil oil in the air, for abundance, lighting the green candle, using the prosperity spray and the victory candle. And then I’m going to ask my goddess, Artemis for assistance.

So, I set my intentions with the new moon. Next, I will be journaling about abundance’ I always ask the universe to do what is in my highest good, rather than a specific amount of money. I also will write what I intend to do this fall harvest season. This will include my goals, my wishes, and I plan to infuse plenty of intention into this ritual as well.

Update: I also grabbed three quarters from the jar (three is a special number to me) and expressed my gratitude for all the things I’ve been given this year. I held my hand over them and infused them with my intention. And then I took them to Aldi. Patrons have to “rent” a shopping cart for a quarter and then bring it back. I wanted to send out goodwill and pay it forward.

As you can see, I’ve really gone all out for this spell. It isn’t my ordinary brand of lazy witchcraft. I plan on using sabbat days this year to focus my intentions and make some sweeping changes in my life.

What’s on your Lammas altar? Do you have any rituals planned? Tell me in the comments!