Ostar Altar

I thought I’d give you a peek at my spring Ostara altar. Sometimes I change my altar by the seasons and sometimes for a specific holiday. By the way, you can also check out my Yule altar.  I will switch things up again for Summer Solstice (Beltane) in a month or so. Hopefully, you can take a look at mine and it will give you some inspo for yours.

Ideas for Your Altar

Ostara is a pagan celebration, which was taken over by early Christians and became Easter. Think about it. Bunnies and chicks sound like fertility symbols, right?

An altar should be very personalized. Pick items which feel right to you, listen to your own intuition So, I would choose items for your altar that remind you of spring, new life, and fertility. This can include  seeds, feathers, eggs, flowers, plants.  Round out the altar with staples like crystals, candles, and incense.

Ostara AltarMy Ostara Altar

I went with spring colors like pink and soft green. However, you can pick whatever colors remind you of this time of year, like a pastel yellow or lilac purple. Some people are super specific with how they place items on their altar. I’m a believer in simple witchcraft or lazy witchcraft. I trust my instincts and go with the flow of the universe.

Please note, the flowers and succulents aren’t real because I have the blackest of thumbs. Many plants have died in my apartment. RIP.


Love is my altar’s theme. I don’t always do a theme, but it felt appropriate this year. Since I just went through a breakup and spring is about new beginnings and fertility, I focused on drawing in romance and love, symbolized by all the pink, the wall sign, and the big heart. It’s hard to see, but there’s also a small rose quartz on the tray, because it’s associated with love.

Specific Items from my Altar

Below are the items I used for my altar, in case you were curious and wanted more information. If you are a witch on a budget, I highly recommend checking out your local dollar store. I’ve found some fantastic items there at a very reasonable price.

How do you decorate your Spring altar? Or, how will you decorate yours?



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