Nine of Cups

Do you have it all? The Nine of Cups is about getting everything you desire. Want to know what the Nine of Cups means in a love reading? Scroll down.


We see a powerful figure, with a smug face dressed in rich robes.  His arms are across his chest, and he’s seated in front of nine cups.

Nine of Cups: Yes or No

This card is a great big “yes!” The sky is the limit. Go for it!

Nine of Cups: Meaning

This card might mean life is going well for you and you “have it all.” So, you are content with the situation. Maybe your career or love life is going smoothly and you have a great deal to be thankful for. You’ve got it all. 

Or it might mean you are coming off as greedy.  Everyone wants nice things, but over consumption isn’t a good look on anyone. Again, this is about appearances, which isn’t necessarily the truth. It could just be other people’s perception of you. if that’s the case, you might focus on your public image.

Nine of Cups Love
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 Nine of Cups Reversed

In the reversed position, you are definitely overindulging yourself. This might even mean, you’re a hedonist, purely seeking pleasure. Your vice of choice might be anything from fancy clothes, jewelry, to sex, or even food.

There is a strong thread of disappointment as well. Have you heard the old saying? Money can’t buy happiness.

And it won’t fill a hole within yourself. Are you feeling lonely? Depressed? Shiny things won’t change that. You have to deal with the feelings underneath.

Nine of Cups Love

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your happily ever after. Of course, real life isn’t the same as a fairy tale, but your content with your partner.  You like the status quo and want to keep it that way.

Conversely, this might mean you have a wonderful relationship on paper. You look great in holiday cards, posed by the fire, or in those candid Facebook pictures you put on your profile. But underneath it all? It seems empty. Do you feel like this relationship is fine, but not wonderful? You don’t feel miserable or awful. In fact, things are pretty good. Decent. But you have the nagging suspicion that something is missing from this partnership. Something you can’t quite put your finger on. Examine your feelings, explore what you are missing. Take a good look at the surrounding cards, too.

If you are single, you are happy to be that way, for the time being. There is a strong thread of the success in the Nine of Cups, so your career might be taking off.  You don’t need someone else in your life right now. You are content being on your own. Maybe you are focusing more on your education, or your friendships. Maybe you are just enjoying the free time and you like doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Regardless, you are content right now. So enjoy the freedom!


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