Nine of Pentacles

Are you enjoying the fruits of your labor? The Nine of Pentacles is reminiscent of The Empress.  This card is associated with monetary rewards and living “the good life.” Looking for Nine of Pentacles in a love reading? Scroll down.


We see a richly robed woman in a garden,  with a bird perched on one hand. Pentacles stud the shrubs beside her.

Nine of Pentacles: Yes or No

This card is a “yes” for everything but relationships.

Nine of Pentacles: Meaning

You are independent and self-reliant. Are you self-employed? Maybe you’ve moved up to a managerial position. Regardless, you’ve gotten more control over your life and finances.

Whatever you do for a living, you have been richly rewarded. If you don’t make a great deal of money, you are comfortable, and secure about your next paycheck.


Nine of Pentacles
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Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Do you expect the finest things in life? Does your partner, family, or friends provide everything you need? Independence is important. Don’t take advantage of others.

Have you been charging things and not paying the bills? This card indicates you’ve been living beyond your means. Eventually, this pattern will catch up to you. It’s time to make a budget and then stick to it.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem? Do you spend your money on others, but don’t treat yourself? You deserve to enjoy yourself. There’s no harm in putting yourself first sometimes.

Nine of Pentacles Love

If you are single,you are comfortable being on your own, financially and otherwise.  So, you don’t feel the need to be in a relationship. You are fulfilled by your work, friendships, and family. You don’t feel compelled to have a romantic partner at this time.  Are you truly happy being single?  If you are, don’t feel pressured to pursue a relationship. Other people’s expectations shouldn’t determine your choices.

If you have asked about a potential love interest, this is a big red flag.  He or she is happy on their own and isn’t looking for a relationship at this time. Consider forming a friendship with this person instead, but continue pursuing other prospects. Who knows what the future might hold?

If you are in a committed relationship, you and your partner are financially stable, but there is a strain on the relationship.  Are you leading separate lives? Maybe one of you is away a lot for work. You might be roommates, rather than a couple. You enjoy separate pursuits, but you aren’t exactly unhappy though. Only you can decide if you want the status quo to continue. Is this enough for you?

There is also a money issue linked to this card. You might be fighting with your partner over finances. Perhaps you’re dealing with deeper relationship issues by doing a little retail therapy. Maybe you are dealing with hurt and anger by getting even financially. This isn’t a healthy way to deal with problems though. Set aside some time to work on the relationship.


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