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Basic Crystals for Witches

Basic Crystals for Witches

So, confession time, I love crystals. I use them in spellwork, keep them on my altars to represent the earth […]

samhain altar

Samhain Altar Ideas

I won’t lie, Samhain is my favorite Wiccan holiday. And October is the best month of the year, in my […]

Incense Magic

Incense Magic

Burning incense during religious rituals is common in many faiths. For example, Catholics burn frankincense during Christmas sacraments. Buddhists regularly […]

full moon ritual

Full Moon Ritual Ideas

I love working with lunar energy. This could be because my matron is Artemis, a moon deity, or it could […]

money altar

Create a Money Altar

As witches, we want to help others, get our shadow selves under control, and become the best version of ourselves. […]

Smudging for beginners

Smudging for Beginners

So, this is a quick tutorial on smudging for beginners. This is strictly about clearing the energy. It isn’t for […]

My Mabon Altar

I thought I’d give you a peek at my Mabon altar this year. It’s a little more Samhain than usual. […]