palmistry basics

I was thirteen the first time I had my palm read and I was fascinated. I found out so much about myself. Then I started gathering up every book I could find on the subject. This is sort of my deal. I’m a bookworm at heart. I even worked in a library in high school and research comes naturally to me.  In this post, I’m going to give you some palmistry basics, but I am by no means a palm reader. I know just enough to get you started. There is a lot more to this divination method, then what you’ll read in this post, so consider this palmistry basics!

Make it a Ritual

Like most things in witchcraft and divination, ambiance matters. Wash your hands, light a candle or two, play some soothing background music. This is going to take a little while, so you should relax and get into the zone. Try a mindfulness ritual to get you in the right frame of mind first.

Right or Left Palm?

So, first things first. Which palm do you read? Do you go by which hand you write with? Most palm readers believe the left hand is your potential, while the right hand shows what you have done with that promise, so they will use your right hand for a reading. I don’t argue with the experts, so that’s what I do when I take a look at my palm, too.


Palmistry Basics

There are many more minor lines and “mounts” or bumps to read. I’m just going to concentrate on the big picture, which means the major lines.

Heart Line

As the name implies, this line is all about your love life and your emotional health. It can indicate how sensitive you are, or if you are a logical thinker who puts your head above your heart.

If you have several lines crisscrossing your heart line, or a “broken” heart line, this literally means you’ve had your heart broken, or you’ve gone through some emotional trauma.

If your heart line begins underneath your index finger, you have a warm and fulfilling love life, or you will have one. Does it begin underneath your middle finger? Then romance and emotions might not be all that important to you.

Is the line deeply grooved? You’ve had difficult times and you’re stronger than most people.

Fate Line

This line is about your career and lifestyle. It is linked to wealth and the opportunities life will present to you. The line should begin at the base of your hand and stretch upward toward your middle finger. The fate line also can indicate how long a person will live. It crosses the head line at age 40, and the heart line at age 50. A line that stretches up past the ring at the base of your middle finger, indicates living to age 80.

If your line starts in the middle of your palm, you are a private person.  If it starts lower, you are socially active with your friends and family.

Are there any breaks in the line? It indicates changes in career or lifestyle.

Triangle shapes indicate a stroke of good fortune, or luck.

Life Line

This line curls around the thumb. Many people think this line has to deal with how long they will live, but it’s has more to do with physical health and well-being. The Fate Line actually determines the length of life.

Is your life line missing? You might be prone to health problems.

If there are any breaks on the life line, those indicate health scares or serious illnesses.

Head Line

This line begins between the thumb and pointer finger and extends across the palm.  This line deals with your personality and intelligence.

If your headline is entwined with your life line, you are a bit stubborn and like to get your way.

Is the line deeply grooved? Then you are very smart and “know your own mind,” meaning you aren’t easily swayed by others.

Breaks in the line indicate mental exhaustion. Maybe you overthink things. You should make self care a priority.

A line that is faint means you might have your “head in the clouds” and you are a dreamy, artistic sort of person.

I hope this post made you curious about palmistry and you get your own palm read by a professional. Have you ever had your palm read? Or are you planning to try it? Let me know in the comments.