protection magic

Why should a witch use protection magic? It’s a good idea to defend your space against unfriendly energies and spirits. This is especially important as we are moving into the fall of the year and the veil thins around Samhain. Plus, it’s an extra layer of protection between you and people who would seek to do you harm.

Before we get started, please note that you should take some practical precautions such as locking your doors and shutting your windows. If you have a security system, use it.  Protection magic is just an extra layer of protection but it doesn’t take care of everything.

Protection Magic Ritual

Before you do a protection ritual, I’d advise cleaning the space first to get rid of any nasties already inside. If you don’t want to do a whole big ritual, you can just open the windows and get a breeze going. And then smudge the space with incense smoke, palo santo, or an actual smudge stick. If you are using incense, white sage or dragonsblood is your best bet because they both have purification and protective properties. My personal favorite is palo santo, because the wood smoke is calming. It almost has a sweet scent. If you can’t do smoke, you can try smudge spray.  Or you can add some Florida water to a spray bottle filled with regular water.

So, I do something very simple to protect my home. Simple but effective. On my altar, I have a small tin filled with salt, rosemary, cedar, and juniper. I also have a black tourmaline crystal in the container to charge the contents. All of these items have protection and purification properties.

Once a month, I sprinkle a little in my windowsills, and in front of my doors. While doing this, I say something along the lines of “This is my home and no entities or energies can enter without my permission.” I worded that carefully, because I do want to call on my goddesses. When I’m finished, I envision white light surrounding my space, blocking anything out.


Protection Magic Symbols

I have also added symbols to some of my walls as an added barrier. There are many symbols you can use, but one that resonates with you will be the most powerful. For example, my matron goddess is Artemis, a huntress, and I use arrows as symbols of protection in my home. These look decorative but they are charged magically. Whenever I place one on the wall, I set that intention, asking Artemis to protect my home.

In HausMagick, the author, Erika Feldmann utilizes The North Wind as her protection talisman and envisions the wind blowing bad energies and spirits out of her home. If you follow a Wiccan path, are there any symbols associated with your god and goddess? Are there any symbols from your heritage that have protective properties? Alternatively, you could also create a sigil. You could tuck it into the curtains, or keep it near doors.

How do you protect your space? Tell me in the comments.