Queen of Cups

Have you been feeling introspective? The Queen of Cups is associated with empathy and self-knowledge. Like all of the court cards, the Queen can symbolize an aspect of your personality or someone you know. Are you looking for the Queen of Cups in a love reading? Scroll down.


The Queen is sitting on her throne, with a fabulous tiara and an ornate cup in her hands. Cherubs decorate her throne, and she’s on the water’s edge.

Queen of Cups: Yes or No

This card is a “yes.” The Queen is a little flaky though. Are you really passionate? Willing to go the extra mile? If so, then you have a green light.

Queen of Cups: Meaning

She is a caring, loving person who is warm and insightful. When this card appears in a spread, it’s important to listen to your intuition and examine your dreams. The Queen is a dreamer and pays attention to the hidden meanings.

The cherubs on her throne represent maternal energy, and she is strongly associated with parenthood. In particular, being a loving parent who connects with children. The Queen is naturally nurturing to those around her. She understands where people are coming from.

She not just sympathetic. The Queen empathizes with other people, and feels their pain as if it were her own. The Queen is ruled by her heart, not her head. She is deeply intuitive and does what feels right for her, even if this appears nonsensical to others. She cares about her own emotional well-being.  The Queen is a natural counselor and people often come to her for feedback.

Queen of Cups Love
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Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen is emotionally insecure, jealous, and needy. There is also a strong association with infidelity. If this is you, examine your motivations. If the Queen represents your partner, beware.

You might be lacking boundaries. It’s okay to be empathetic toward others, but you can’t take on their battles for them.

If this is someone you know, you might need to take a step back and let the person sort out his or her own problems. You can be supportive without being a crutch.

Queen of Cups Love

The Queen is seductive, charming, and attractive. She’s emotional and intense.  If she represents your partner, he or she is flirtatious and fun to be around. There is an intense attraction and an undeniable infatuation. Don’t lose yourself in love.

If this card appears in a negative reading, you or your partner might be feeling out of sorts, moody, needy, clingy.  Emotions are boiling below the surface.  There could be hurt, anger, trauma. Or maybe a secret. Do you see The Moon in this reading? You and your partner need to have a long talk about what is really happening.

If the Queen represents an aspect of your personality, you should determine whether or not you are serious about your latest romance. Do you want to take this to the next level? Or are you just having fun? Make certain the person you’ve charmed knows where this connection is going. It will save you headaches in the future.


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