Queen of Swords

Are you a teacher? The Queen of Swords is a strong woman who imparts her wisdom to others. Like all the court cards, she might represent an aspect of your personality or someone you know. The Queen may be either male or female.


The Queen is upon her throne, holding a sword.There is a cloudy blue sky overhead.  Her arm is raised as though she is speaking to someone. Her throne is decorated with a cherub and a butterfly.

Queen of Swords: Yes or No

This card is a “yes,” provided you are asking a logical, rational question. Emotion shouldn’t enter into the equation.

Queen of Swords: Meaning

The Queen is sharp. She has a keen intellect and a willingness to share her wisdom with others. The Queen isn’t dependent on anyone else. She has a strong sense of herself, and acknowledges both her strengths and weaknesses.

She endeavors to be just and true to herself in all things. However, she isn’t emotionally intelligent like the Queen of Cups. Sometimes, the Queen can be cutting and sarcastic. However, this is inadvertent. She is rational. The Queen doesn’t consider how other people view her ideas and opinions.

She is very intuitive. The Queen has made many mistakes and learned from them. She can read people like a book and she doesn’t suffer fools. The Queen gained this knowledge from dealing with loss and pain. She doesn’t trust others easily, or let her guard down.

Queen of Swords Reversed
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Queen of Swords Reversed

This tendency to be hurtful is amplified by the reversed position. There is a need to strike first, preemptively before anyone has hurt her. The Queen is taking her pain out on innocent people, who don’t deserve her ire.  However, she is aware she is hurting others, but you just doesn’t care.

Make sure to package your criticism with praise. It’s okay to speak your mind, but you shouldn’t inflict hurtful words on people who don’t deserve it.

There is also a sense of running from the truth. Have you been hiding from your intuition? Ignoring it? There is a distinct lack of awareness here. Figure out why you haven’t gotten the promotion and fix the problem. Maybe you haven’t been applying yourself.

Queen of Swords Love

The Queen might push you away. Since she’s so independent and strong, a relationship might stifle her. This is a classic case of being emotionally unavailable. If you want to pursue the Queen as a partner, you’re going to have to get through her prickly barriers first. She has huge walls around her hard and her guard is up. Good luck.

The Queen is the sort of person who writes pro\con lists about her perspective date. She might have a crush on this person, but she refuses to give into her emotions. Before her heart is involved, she must make a rational, logical decision. She has probably done a Google search, checked this person’s social media, and asked his or her friends, to get a sense of who this romantic partner is. Is he or she worthy of the Queen’s attention? Does this person have ulterior motives?



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