Queen of Wands

Are you feeling free and creative? The Queen of Wands is mature, confident, and passionate. Scroll down for the Queen of Wands in a love reading.


A regal queen sits upon a throne. She holds a wand in one hand and a sunflower in the other. At her feet, is a black cat. Remember, the court cards can represent people or issues.

Queen of Wands: Yes or No

The Queen is a “yes!” especially when it comes to feelings and relationships.

Queen of Wands: Meaning

Have you been feeling confident in your abilities? You might feel inspired and energetic, brimming with ideas. This card is about enjoying yourself and your life, letting go and embracing your freedom to create.

The Queen manages her responsibilities well. She’s found balance in all areas of her life. The Queen is popular with her peers and is a real social butterfly. She enjoys throwing parties and inviting her friends. She is the life of the party and everyone adores her.

queen of wands love
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No surprise here, but the Queen of Wands is a “Queen Bee” and very popular in her social circle. However, in the reversed position, her powers are being used for evil.

She is merciless when it comes to maintaining her position at the top of the heap. Have you been using social pressure or censure to hurt your rivals? Are you spreading rumors and lies about people you dislike?

Maybe you’re the victim. Has someone been spreading vicious rumors about you? Talking about you behind your back? Fight back against these rumors.

Like all wands, there is a strong sexual thread. This card is also associated with using sex as a bandage for other wounds in life. Are you trying to fill a void? Run away from the pain?  Examine why you’re climbing into bed with others and if its a symptom of a deeper problem. Maybe you haven’t dealt with the emotional fallout from a relationship. Get professional help if you need to, or talk to a trusted friend.

Queen of Wands Love

The Queen of Wands is a passionate, sexy person if she represents a figure in your life. She is charming and fascinating, and hard to say “no” to. The Queen is popular, stylish, and fearless, and a tiger in bed. If you’re looking for a partner who will always keep you guessing, this is the person for you.

You might feel as if your partner is too involved with his or her friends. She or he is usually the instigator of the group, in charge. You might feel as if you come in second place, behind his or her circle of friends. Other people’s opinions matter to your partner. A lot.

There is an element of sociability surrounding this card. Maybe the two of you spend a lot of time at benefits and dinner parties. You are a power couple. Other people would like to be the two of you.

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Queen of Wands

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