raise your vibration today

Need to raise your vibration today?

If you’re manifesting like me, keeping your vibration high is important. So, what is your vibration? Think of it as your energy.  In order to attract the things we want, we have to stay upbeat and motivated. Opposites don’t attract, they repel each other. So, if we want good things to come to us, we’ve got to take care of ourselves and those around us.

And, in general, a witch has to guard her energy, which is used for spells. It’s part of a person’s life force, or their qi. If you are exhausted and depressed, spell work is going to be next to impossible. 

Below are some easy ways to raise your vibration. As a bonus, you’ll just feel better! So, it’s a win-win.

Get Rid of Irritations

I’ve been evaluating my life, and trying to make improvements. One thing, I noticed is, I was putting up with a lot of irritating little things everyday. And I am betting you are too. These little frustrations pull down my vibration. There’s a cumulative effect to these nasty buggers. 

For example, I had a tear in the seam of my favorite leggings, a slow draining bathroom sink, a squeak in my office chair. And my car needed to be cleaned out and detailed.

Granted, all of these are small annoyances. However, if they accumulate, day in and day out, they eventually add up to something larger. Eliminating these irritations frees up mental space. 

What did I do about it?

I made a list. For a week, I added items to Google Keep, my favorite task app. And then I fixed everything that was bothering me. Some of the tasks took a minute or two, some were an hour or more. The point is, after I accomplished all of these, I felt better. Lighter. Brighter somehow. I realize that I had gotten an influx of energy. Or maybe I was just guarding the vitality I already possessed. 

Although, once I accomplished the first wave, I realized there were a group of other things I was tolerating. So, I tackled those too. Once again, I received an influx of energy. 

Try it! It makes a big difference.

Self Care

This is a big one with me. I have a tendency to push myself and crowd my days with completing tasks. I often forget to take time for me.

So, I’ve intentionally carved out “me time” into my schedule. Sometimes, it’s just ten or fifteen minutes in the morning. I have my first cup of coffee and watch an interesting YouTube video or read a blog article I saved in Pocket.

Other times, I enjoy the quiet. I’ll light a candle, diffuse some essential oil and just close my eyes. I always feel refreshed in a few minutes.

And on Sundays, I take an entire hour for myself. I’ve been doing mini spa treatments like face masks, or giving myself a pedicure. While I do this, I’ll watch a show I recorded during the week.

Again, this has given me new life. You can’t push yourself hard all the time. We need a little rest now and then.

Look Forward to Something

This is different than self care. Essentially, you’re bribing yourself to get your tasks done. Remember when you were a little kid working toward a reward? Maybe this was a favorite toy or an allowance. Rewarding yourself gives you a little boost. I set goals and then offer a prize as an incentive.

It doesn’t have to be huge. Sometimes it is really simple like treating yourself to a fancy coffee or buying that book you’ve been wanting to read. Maybe you could make yourself a delicious dinner.

This incentive system gives you a boost. You look forward to tackling those projects, so you get your reward. It’s just a tiny mindset shift that gives you a nudge.


Some people keep a gratitude journal, which is an excellent reminder to appreciate what you have.  For me, gratitude is more of a mental exercise.

How do you frame your days? Are you dreading a gigantic to do list? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do? Instead, re-frame it. What do you “get” to do today?

For example, instead of stressing about holiday decorating, I put on some cheerful music and pulled out my shiny, silvery winter decor. I had a fun time setting things out and making my place look gorgeous. Who doesn’t love fairy lights?

Will you try any of these? If not, how do you increase your vibration?