This is a simple candle magic ritual for honing psychic ability. I’ve never done a spell for this purpose, although I’ve made and bought teas with herbs that promote psychic development. But it hasn’t been a subject I’ve focused on. This was more of an experiment than anything else. I wanted to see if I could make a difference in my abilities (or lack thereof).

I believe we are all born with some natural talents. Some of us just have more abilities than others. And some people practice or hone their gifts more than others. But we can all work with what we have and enhance those skills to use them in witchcraft or divination.

Psychic Abilities

Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets discuss what psychic abilities there are. There is clairvoyance, or seeing glimpses of the future. Clairaudience is the ability to hear other’s thoughts or to hear things beyond the veil, in the realm of spirit. Clairscognizance is the ability to just “know” things. Thoughts, impressions, ideas just come to the person naturally. Clairsentience is about sensing the emotions of others. Here’s a video on those if you want more information.

As for me, I’m intuitive and a touch empathic. So, I have a touch of claircognizance and a dab of clairsentience.  I focused on opening up my third eye chakra, so I could more fully experience these gifts.

Items Needed

  • A plate
  • A jarred seven day candle.  Or candle of your choice.
  • A crystal. I chose amethyst chips which correspond with psychic development.
  • Herbs. I chose herbs that correspond with psychic development, like calendula, star anise, and cornflower. Mugwort and damiana would also be good choices.
  • A key. This is to symbolically open my third eye.
  • Ritual Oils. I used Divine Priestess Divination Oil and my Road Opener oil.
  • Purple items. I chose purple because, in color magic, it is associated with psychic abilities.
  • A petition paper.  I folded the paper into a pyramid shape with an eye drawn on the front. This is known as the Eye of Providence.
  • A sea shell. I chose this because shells are associated with the element of water, which is linked to emotions and empathy.

honing psychic abilities

Ritual for Honing Psychic Abilities

First, I practiced mindfulness until I felt grounded and centered. I burned a little palo santo and used it cleanse all the items I would be using for this spell to get rid of any negative energy. Then I wrote my petition paper in purple ink  and included the Eye of Providence on it.  I anointed it with the ritual oils and folded it towards me because I’m bringing something to me, not pushing it away. If you want to learn how to write a petition, see this video. I have more resources linked in this post as well (just scroll down).

I encircled my candle with the herbs and anointed it as well. Then I lit it and focused on my intention while I held my hands around it. I lit the candle every day for seven days and spent time concentrating on my goal. Also, I lit the candle when I was doing tarot readings for myself and others.


  • The first thing I noticed was some strange dreams. Dreams are thought of as a gateway to the astral plane, so that makes sense. I had a conversation with one of my goddesses that enlightened me. And it was a bit intimidating, too.
  • Every morning, I pulled either a tarot or an oracle card for myself. These resonated very deeply with me, like little message that I needed to receive in the moment. I’ve been working with the Animal Spirit Oracle Deck. One of the cards I got was Crocodile, which is about resting one’s mind and body. I’ve been pushing myself, working 14 hours day, 7 days a week for over a month.
  • I’ve also had a couple of my friends do a tarot reading with me. I told them not to tell me what their question was, to see if I could hit the mark with the reading anyway. And I nailed it both times.
  • So, I feel like I’ve moved the needle a little, tiny bit. In order to really develop these abilities, I’d have to do more rituals. And some real world exercises. At this point, I’m happy with the little boost I got.

What psychic abilities or gifts do you have? Or which ones would you like to have? Tell me in the comments.