How do you use runes for divination? Runes have been used for fortune telling over the centuries. They were created by pre-Germanic tribes including the Vikings and they’ve been used ever since. 

Before we get started, you should know there are many different ways to spell these rune names, because they pre-date the written word, so you might need to reference the shapes of the runes.

I’ll be giving a brief overview of the meanings, along with some guidance on using runes for divination as part of your witchcraft practices.

Runes for Divination


This rune deals with prosperity, wealth, and abundance. In ancient times, this rune referred to cattle, which was a measurable sign of wealth. Animals were treated as currency and could be traded for other goods and services.

These days, it refers to a salary, investments, property. When Feoh appears in the upright position, it signifies money is coming your way or you are in good financial health.

Feoh reversed indicates a loss. Perhaps you’ve lost money on the stock market, or in your 401k. It might be something more dramatic like a foreclosure on your house. Or it could refer to a job loss. Regardless, you need to pay attention to your bank account and look for ways to cut your spending and earn more money.


This rune refers to strength, much like the Strength tarot card.  Originally, it symbolized an ox, which is a very powerful animal. However, strength can refer to physical, emotional, or spiritual fortitude. This rune is saying you have what it takes to get through a difficult situation, or attain your goals, or accomplish whatever you have set out to do

In the reverse position, you might lack the will to move forward or do something, but not the ability. Motivation is key. Look within yourself, to find the will, and inner strength to do what’s necessary.

This could also mean you need to work on your health. Maybe you’ve had an illness, or you need to take care of your body and nourish it, by getting enough sleep and eating whole foods.


This rune is about protection and guarding oneself against dangerous circumstances. It reminds us to take precautions before heading into a hazardous situation.  Always be on your guard, especially in new environments.

In the reverse position, the danger has passed. You don’t have to be wary of strangers or new circumstances. This is a time of calm and peace. However, it could also mean an ongoing threat has lessened, but its still present. Listen to your instincts on this one.


This rune symbolizes wisdom and communication. Are you going to college? Maybe you’re getting some on-the-job training.  Whatever the case, you are seeking knowledge and this will help you on your path.

There is also a strong element of communication with this rune.  Perhaps you are seeking advice from others, or you’re about to receive an important message. Pay attention.

There is also a connection with the divine, or the spirit.  Whatever deity you worship, he or she may be trying to communicate to you. Perhaps the path you’re on will lead  to spiritual growth. Maybe your education is religious in nature. Have you been studying  religious texts? Maybe you’ve been looking within for answers.

When this rune is reversed, you should keep your guard up. Don’t take anything people tell you at face value, always search for a deeper truth. Trickery and deceit are associated with this rune in the reverse position.


Are you going on a trip? Much like The Chariot this rune is associated with travel. Whether this is for vacation or a business trip, you will reach your destination safely. Chances are, this voyage will be worthwhile and you’ll be glad you went.

In the reverse position,  you are likely to run into problems. There may be flight delays or breakdowns. Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions.  if postponing your trip is an option, you might want to consider it. This journey might also be associated with something unpleasant. Maybe you are traveling for a funeral. Or maybe a loved one is ill and you are going to be at their bedside.

Whatever the case, safe travels. 


Let there be light! This rune is associated with illumination, light, and heat. Perhaps Cen appears after a period of darkness. It could symbolize enlightenment or a bit of knowledge which is very useful. It might also be associated with warmth, as in love or comfort from one’s family or significant other.

There is also a strong association with creativity or a spark. Pay attention to this idea and investigate it.  This might be an artistic project or even a work venture. Listen to your intuition. 

In the reverse position, it indicates darkness, a loss of connection. Maybe a relationship has ended? Or there is a rift between you and a family member. You also might be cut off from knowledge. Maybe there’s something you aren’t acknowledging. However, you’ve been thinking about it.


This rune is associated with generosity and gift-giving. This could mean either you are accepting gifts from others, or Gyufu is advising you to give of yourself. This isn’t only limited to material items. It could be the gift of your time or attention.

There is no reversed meaning for this particular rune. 


This rune is about happiness, joy, and well-being. If Wyn appears in a reading, you are in a good place. Everything is going well in your life. You are hopeful and optimistic about the future, and content to be where you are currently.

In the reverse position, you are in a bad place. There is a sense of negativity surrounding you. You can’t move forward if you don’t have the energy and drive to change your current circumstances. What is bringing you down? How can you change the situation?

runes for divination


Hagel refers to hail or hail stones. It’s all about destruction and chaos, and forces of nature. Think about large-scale disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes, or even devastating snow storms. Ancient people were at the whims of weather. If crops failed or animals died, they suffered from starvation.

This room is similar to The Tower.  No matter what you do, chaos is headed your way. The only thing you can do, is to surrender and then pick up the pieces afterward. You might think this is a negative rune, but it is a chance to change your life for the better. Destruction gives you the opportunity to build a new life. 

There is no reversed meaning for this rune.


This rune symbolizes hardship, a period of famine or need. Due to a lack of resources, you might have to make sacrifices. Decide what is very important in your life, and don’t concern yourself with the rest.

In the modern era, this might mean a job loss, or divorce. It could mean you’ve been diagnosed with an illness. Whatever the case, this is a period of trial and tribulations.

There is no reversed meaning for this rune.


This rune refers to ice or being frozen.And when something is trapped in place, it can’t move forward. Whatever your goals are, you aren’t making any headway on them. You might be frustrated by the lack of progress. Have you lost your energy? Or enthusiasm?

When it comes to relationships, yours might not be progressing forward. Are things icy between you and your partner? Is there a coldness, where warmth and love once existed?

This rune has no reversed meaning.



Eolh refers to an elk. It’s about protecting oneself, defense. However, there is an element of balance to this rune. It’s wise to be cautious, but not overly so. In the upright position, there is no danger around you or your family, but you should be wary. Be vigilant, but there’s no need for paranoia.

In the reverse position, you might have taken a leave of your senses. This could mean you’ve become paranoid, and are looking for threats everywhere on the horizon.

On the flip side, you might be taking unnecessary risks. It’s important to find a balance. Protect your family but don’t be overly fearful.


This rune is symbolized by the sun. It represents light, warmth, and a distinct absence of shadows or darkness. This means you are successful, have good health, and there is warmth and light around you. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

This  might mean a light is shining on a specific topic. Have you been in the dark about a situation? Suddenly, the answers you’ve been seeking have been illuminated. This correlates to The Sun tarot card.

There is no reverse meaning to this rune.


This rune has a strong masculine vibe.  This rune is all about passion and courage, in pursuit of a victory.  Are you working for the greater good? You might have to put your personal goals and ego on the line, in order to achieve something. You will be victorious, but there is a hint of a sacrifice necessary to achieve your ambitions. This could be time, glory, or even relationships. 

In the reverse position, you might lack motivation or maybe you’re afraid to pursue what you really want. This is a sign you need to move forward, face your fears, and get to work. Get it together, come up with a plan, and success is on the horizon.


Are you ready for a fresh start? This rune is all about a new beginning, a new generation. This could indicate the birth of a child, or maybe the beginning of a new job or relationship. Beorc has a female energy, and its associated with fertility and vitality. In many ways, it’s similar to The Empress tarot card.

In the reverse position, it means you are in the state of stagnation. You might get the sense you are spinning your wheels, trying to move forward and getting nowhere. There may be roadblocks on your path to getting started on a large project. This could mean a business of your own, a new job, a birth. You could be having fertility issues.


This rune means earth. It also has a strong association with the harvest, or your labor is coming to fruition. If you’ve been working very hard towards something, it’s time to reap the benefits of your labor. This could mean a project you’ve been working on, or even investments. This also might mean you’re literally working toward having a family.

There is no reverse meeting for this rune.


This rune means death, but it is actually a rebirth. It is similar to the Death tarot card, which symbolizes change.This current situation has come to an end and a new cycle will begin. This is a rune of change.  Endings can be difficult, but the promise of a new beginning is a chance to start again. It might be hurtful, but these are birth pains. 

There is no reversed meaning for this rune.


This rune symbolizes a cup, or a receptacle. It involves discovering secrets, receiving a revelation.This knowledge is often received through divination, but it can simply mean listening to one’s own intuition. Pay attention to what you discover, and then act on the knowledge you received. 

In the reverse position, this surprise or secret is bad news. Take a look at the runes around this one, and search for a narrative, a story about what’s going on.

This also might mean you are keeping a secret from others. Is it time to reveal your truth to others?


This rune is associated with horses. It’s all about loyalty, trust, and faith in others. If this shows up in a reading, you are thinking about partnerships or friendships with others. This is a sign you are loyal to your friend or partner and together you are working towards something important, achieving mutual goals.

In the reverse position, there is a loss of faith, loyalty betrayed.  Has your partner gone behind your back? You need to examine your relationship with this person, before you can move forward.


This rune symbolizes civilization, culture, intelligence, and sophistication. Are you failing to live up to your expectations of yourself? How did you get these goals? Was it something society told you to pursue? A parent? A spouse? Are you on the right path? These are all important questions to ask yourself when Man appears.

In the reversed position, you should allow yourself some time away from work and other demands. You need to unplug and get in touch with yourself. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard and you’re on the verge of a breakdown.


This rune is associated with water, of all types. It also indicates intuition, and the unconscious mind. Lagu is similar to The Moon tarot card.  You’ve been neglecting your inner voice, your intuition. It’s time to tune in and see what insights it can offer you.

You might be swimming against the current, to borrow a water metaphor. It’s time to be fluid, and embrace the flow of life.

In the reversed position, you might be hiding from some uncomfortable truths about yourself, or someone you hold dear. Have you been plagued by unwanted thoughts? Do you think someone has been deceiving you? Or maybe not telling you the entire truth? Maybe you’ve been lying to yourself?



This rune symbolizes fertility, energy, potency.  However, there is a strong association with your career, rather than children you are trying to conceive. This could mean you’re involved in a business deal, or project. You’ve reached the pinnacle, or turning point  in your endeavors.

There is no reversed meaning for the rune.


This rune symbolizes daylight, growth, and being positive. There is a strong artistic or creative energy about the symbol. There’s a sense you’ve just emerged from darkness, a bad place. And now you’re in a safe space, where you can learn and grow. Remember to always find a balance. There is a lot of darkness and light in the world. Even in bad times, kindness exists. 

There is no reversed meaning for this rune.


This rune symbolizes traditions, heritage and ancestry. This could mean something you’ve literally inherited from relatives.  Or it might be more esoteric like wisdom, or even memories. Examine where you came from and where you’re headed.The past is often prologue.

In the reverse position, you may be experiencing conflict with your family. Perhaps you are not interested in following through on traditions, and you’d like to establish new ones of your own. Maybe you’re having an argument or a disagreement with another family member. Or it could mean that you are isolated from your family. If you’d like to reconnect with them, now might be the time.

Runes for Divination


Reading runes is a lot like interpreting tarot cards. Find a quiet place and center yourself before you begin. Concentrate on a question, while you hold the runes in your palm. Some people will advise you to keep them in a bag, but I prefer to feel them in my hand, connect with the stones on a physical level. You may shift them back and forth from one hand to another. This is almost like shuffling a deck of tarot cards. However, instead of cutting the deck, you will toss the runes on a surface

Some people prefer to do rune layouts and a certain number of runes. I prefer to toss them. Make sure you don’t crack them in the process! Use a soft surface like a bed.

Only pay attention to the runes showing symbols, either upright or reversed. Ignore the ones that land face down. Pay attention to which runes land together, and which are apart. What insight does that give you into the question you asked?

How to Choose Runes for Divination

So, how do you find a set of runes? I usually pay attention to my intuition when I’m purchasing magical objects. What catches my eye? What feels right? I know it’s a vague answer, but it’s the truth. Ideally, you should purchase something that appeals to you.

DIY Runes for Divination

Making your own runes is simple.  You can make them out of anything, Stones, marbles, sticks, even slips of paper. Simply mark the objects with paint or even a magic marker.  While you are doing this, you need to be centered and infusing these objects with your magic.

Have you ever used runes for divination? What was the result?