Seven of Pentacles

Are you considering the options? The Seven of Pentacles is about getting feedback before you make the next move. Looking for the Seven of Pentacles in a love reading? Scroll down.


We see a man tending a garden. He is leaning on a hoe, looking at a bush filled with pentacles. It’s clear he’s taking a break from his labors, and assessing his work.

Seven of Pentacles: Yes or No

This card is a “yes,” but you are going to have to work for it, go back to the drawing board, adjust your strategy, and keep going. It won’t be an easy win.

Seven of Pentacles: Meaning

You are working on a project or a goal. Now that you’ve made some progress, it’s time to assess the situation. Is it going according to plan? What tweaks can you make? Are you still on the right path?

You might be getting feedback from other people at this time. Some of it may be negative. Don’t be put off by it. It’s about the work, not about you. Once you figure what you’ve done wrong, it’s easy to correct the issue and then move on.

What can you change? Constructive criticism is a chance to learn and grow.

Seven of Pentacles Love
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Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Are you ready to give up? Has your process been slow? What can you do to speed things up? Or do you need more patience? Seek out opinions from trusted advisers. They will be able to give you wise counsel, so you can formulate a new plan.

You haven’t been learning from your mistakes. Instead, you’ve been repeating them over and over.

What can you do to stop this cycle? You’re going around in circles and not getting where you want to be.


Seven of Pentacles Love


You’ve come to a crossroads in your relationship. Maybe you are hovering between the dating and relationship phase. Is it time to get more serious? Do you want to back off and pursue someone else?

Stop and assess the situation. It might be time to make a pro/con list and listen to your intuition. Decide whether or not you want to cut your losses and move on.

You might feel as if you are putting a lot of work into this relationship, but it doesn’t seem worth it. Do you feel this relationship has a future?

If you are in an established relationship, you might be feeling as if you are doing all the work. Your partner isn’t contributing enough. You might feel unappreciated and exhausted. Every relationship has ups and downs and this is definitely a downside. Things can’t remain like this. It is time to have a talk with your partner and establish some guidelines and boundaries.

If you are single, dating is feeling like a lot of work. Maybe you’ve had a string of bad dates or a difficult breakup. You don’t really feel like doing this right now. Maybe it’s time to back away from dating and enjoy your friendships instead.

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