sex and tarot

Curious about sex and tarot? The tarot cards can provide insights into many things, including sexuality. There are several cards which have a strong sexual connotation.

Just to be clear, we’re talking sex, not romance, which is an entirely different topic. True, those two go together, but not always. If you have some questions about physical intimacy, these are some cards that might come up.

The Magician

If this card represents a person, he’s a smooth talker and a panty-dropper. Watch out, this guy might be interested in just one thing. If you’re up for an adventure, go for it, but don’t expect him to stick around. Learn more about The Magician.

The Knights

The court cards represent people you know or aspects of yourself. Two of the Knights in particular, are pretty sexy guys.

Knight of Wands

This Knight is carrying a big stick. Literally. The Knight of Wands is daring, sexy, and will probably introduce you to new things in the bedroom. He’s ready to take charge if you’re willing to follow.  Learn more about the Knight of Wands.

Knight of Cups

This is a passionate, dreamy, tortured hero sort of guy. Sex with him will be edgy, emotional in the raw sense of the term. Learn more about the Knight of Cups.

The Devil

Just take a look at this bad boy. There are some kinky implications. Hello! The two figures in the foreground are chained and naked. So, if you’d like to get your Fifty Shades of Grey on, have at it. This card implies sexual fun without feelings.  Learn more about The Devil.

Eight of Wands

The wands are full of phallic symbolism in general, but this card in particular is all about those big, bad sticks. In my experience, the Eight of Wands denotes instant attraction, an undeniable lust. I call it the one night stand card.  Learn more about Eight of Wands.

Seven of Swords

This figure has helped himself to some swords and he’s sneaking away. This card denotes sexual affairs or deception. This could represent a guy who will promise you the moon to get into your bed. In an established partnership, he could be an unfaithful lover. Learn more about the Seven of Swords.

Learn how to practice sex magic. What cards do you associate with sexuality? Have any of the cards I mentioned shown up in a reading?

sex and tarot



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