how to make a sigil

Sigil magic is a super easy way to work your will without any tools. It’s an excellent beginner spell and it literally only takes minutes to do. Let’s get started!

Sigil Magic Method

While you are working on the sigil focus on what you are trying to achieve.  Think about it, feel it, believe it. It might help to do a mindfulness ritual ahead of time to clear your thoughts and ground yourself in the present. Light a candle, play some ambient music in the background. If you’d like, cast a circle, before you begin so you can focus your power.

Below, is the basic method I use, but there are other methods out there if this one doesn’t suit you.

Write it out

Compose a sentence stating what you want. Be very specific and straight to the point. For example, I am calm and relaxed. I’ve used a sigil like this before when I was having a panic attacks nearly every day. Also, make sure you use present language, instead of future language.  It’s important that this take place in the now, not in the future at some point. You want the universe to work on this issue now, rather than later.

Cross out the vowels

You are building a symbol that only you can understand So, it’s important to make this into a code of sorts. Striking out the vowels makes it a tad more unrecognizable.

Cross out repeating consonants

For example, in the sentence above, I would cross out the extra c’s, s’s and so on. You should be left with a few letters.

Arrange the letters

I play with them, moving them around until it “feels” right to me. There’s no other way to describe it. I just know when I’m finished and you will, too. Tune into your intuition. I also place mine in a circle, because I like that structure. You can put them in a pyramid, square, or leave the letters as is. This is up to you. I like the “protected” feel of a circle surrounding them.

Activating the Sigil

Some people burn their sigils to activate them. I do not. I like to keep them intact. Instead, I stare at the sigil, and infuse it with my power and intention. All you have to do is repeat your intention, focusing on the symbol you made. You can even say something like “I activate you” if you want to seal the deal.

Digital Sigils

I personally like creating digital sigils. They can be added to websites, your digital to do list like Google Keep, digital notebooks, or anywhere else you want a magical boost. I make mine for free using Canva.  If you’d rather have a paper version, you can also print the sigil out. Canva makes everything prettier.

Where can I use sigils?

Just about anywhere! I placed one in my car for protection. You could use them in baking for example, making a symbol on homemade bread or placing it on the bottom of a cupcake liner. I have one in my makeup kit for a little beauty boost. I’ve drawn them on the bottom of my cats’ beds to give them an extra layer of protection. I even drew one in erasable marker on my dorm room door. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box on this one.

Have you every used a sigil before? Tell me in the comments.


Sigil Magic